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About us

The primary objective of the IRU is to enrich the academic, economic and cultural dimensions of OUSL staff and students by establishing international collaborations with individuals and institutions.

Internationalization in OUSL

Objectives of the IRU, shall be to:

♦ Make strategies and country-specific recommendations to Institutes, Faculties, Senate and Council of the OUSL.

♦ Coordinate the development and review of the OUSL’s formal bilateral and multilateral Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as MOU) with overseas entities.

♦ Provide opportunities for OUSL staff and students to collaborate and disseminate contribution globally.

♦ Direct OUSL graduates to explore overseas career advancement.

♦ Coordinate and promote international collaborative research activities and academic programmes.

♦ Secure opportunities for OUSL staff to develop as internationally recognized researchers and teachers.

♦ Assist OUSL staff to initiate and collaborate internationally significant research and other projects that contribute to development and the economy of Sri Lanka.

♦ Provide necessary assistance to overseas students, teachers and other visitors during their stay at OUSL.

♦ Promote OUSL programs overseas and forge partnerships.

♦ Coordinate relations with key international government and non-government agencies, diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan missions overseas.

Engaging with the Global Community

At OUSL we take great pride in engaging with the wider community and offering our services to all.  As such engagement at all levels is critical to what we do as an institute of higher learning.

Through such engagement we are able to:

♦ understand the needs of our clients and provide them with a fulfilling learning experience;

♦ enhance our research efforts and opportunities for groundbreaking advancements;

♦ prepare educated, engaged and forward-looking global citizens;

♦ bring enriching cultural and community experience that positively impact humankind;

♦ elevate community awareness of our educational, scientific and creative developments; and

♦ empower citizens to critically examine, publicly debate and come up with innovative solutions to broad ranging global issues.

What We Do – In A Nutshell

♦ International Student Recruitment

♦ Develop, establish and manage international agreements

♦ Provision of advice to OUSL senior management on international matters

♦ Engage with Governmental and Non-Governmental entities promoting OUSL’s international agenda

♦ Establish international student and academic exchange programs

♦ Manage incoming international visitors

♦ Promote the Universities consultancy and research services

♦ Promote and help the University identify opportunities for workshops, conference and seminars

♦ Pursue corporate partnerships

♦ Establish research partnerships

♦ Promote OUSL developed training and short courses internationally

♦ Develop all international marketing, communication and public relations activities and collateral

How We Are Structured

The IRD undertakes all its activities under the direct guidance of the Vice Chancellor.

The Unit is led by a Director who oversees all operational and policy aspects of the Unit.

The Director is supported by an Assistant Director and two Project Assistants who are responsible for all administrative support activities for the Unit.

Dr Prasad Senedheera



Ms Chandi Perera 
BSc Finance (Sp) USJP, CBA
Assistant Director

How We Came About

Former Directors

Mr. Shenal Basnayake


Dr. Ishan Abeywardena
PhD (UoM), Msc (Uk), B.Sc (Ind)

Snr. Prof. J.C.N. Rajendra
B.Sc (Jaffna), DPhil (Sussex), CPhys, MInstP (UK), MIPSL


Dr. Thushara Priyadarshana
PhD, MSc(Project Mgt.), BSc Eng(Hons)

Dr. Nalin Wickramanayake
BSc Eng (Hons) (Peradeniya), MSc (MIT), PhD (MIT)

The IRU was established in October 2013 as the OUSL recognized that to increase the international standing, profile and impact of its academic offering and research, it had to build on existing relationships established by its staff and strengthen international alliances and partnerships to support collaboration and exchange with leading institutions.  This vision also aligns with the Government of Sri Lanka’s (GOSL) position for strengthening the education sector of Sri Lanka through international collaboration.

The University aims to ensure that it has sufficient appropriate faculty and institution level agreements in place to meet the growing needs of Sri Lanka’s student population and that of the broader international community.  With the growth of interest in Sri Lanka as a destination of choice, the University determined that it must capitalize on this fact and offer its services to the greater international community.

In support of these goals, the IRU provides expert advice and guidance to the University on the development of international relations strategies and the establishment of formal relationships and partnerships with universities and other entities around the world.

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