Research- Mechanical

Undergraduate Research – Department of Mechanical Engineering


B.Tech Final Project – Supervisor arrangement – Mechanical

No. Name Topic Corresponding supervisor(s)
1 Mr. K.Arunkumar Scissor Jack Controlled by Machine Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
2 Mr.R.Mohanarajkumar Design and Fabrication of a Biomass Heated water purifier for Application in Vavuniya District Dr. Neel Gunasekara
Mr. Vithagan
3 Mr.S.H.M. Wakeel Model based fault Diagnosis for Variable Displacement Axial Piston pumps Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
4 Mr.E.A.N.Chandana Multi-functional Bio-fertilizer Machine Ms. TSS Jatunarachchi
5 Mr.K.M.L.S. Senarathna Productivity Improvement of Mango Chip Drying Plant Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
6 Mr. H.G.J.C. Rupasinghe Produce the zero noise adjustable mufflers Dr. SDR Perera
7 Mr. R.J.M.J.S. Bandara Design, Developmant and Fabrication of the a Biogas Purifying Unit Ms. TSS Jatunarachchi
8 Mr. W.A.S.S. Warnuka Economical and Effective Neuro Breaking System Mr. VR Jayasekara
9 Mr.P.A.D.P. Fernando Design Effective Machine For Corn Peeling And Threshing Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
10 Mr.P.Y. Ranawake Failure Analysis and Improvement of the flat Endless carcass Building Machine Mr. DC Wijewardena
11 Mr.K.G.B. Kumara Gesture Control Wheel chair for Disabled People Ms. TMDN Medagedara
12 Mr.H.U.M.Maduranga Design and Development of Water Purification System Ms. TSS Jatunarachchi
13 Mr. S.H.J.Shivaranga Retrofit Hydraulic System of Tyre Curing Press Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
14 Mr. E.M.I.D.Bandara Design Analysis & Fabrication of Paddy Transplanting Machine for small scale Farmers Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
15 Miss. S.A.D.M. Priyadarshanee Design & Develop Semi-Automated Smooth Paving Blocks Manufacturing Machine Mr. VR Jayasekara
16 Mr.J.A.D.N.Madusanka Design & Development of Automated Brush-Mats Finishing Machine Mr. VR Jayasekara
17 Mr.R.B. Amunugama Design and Development of Emergency Power Backup System for Aquariums and Fish Farms Dr. EMHSK Ekanayake
18 Mr.N.L. Manage Hydraulic Operated Three-Wheeler Fork Mending Machine Ms. TMDN Medagedara
19 Mr.C.P.Wickramasinghe Failure Analysis of Roller Press Gearbox Torque Support : A Case Study Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
20 Mr.L.H.R. Chamara Improve the Jindweli Cardboard cutter plotting process to Increase the User Efficiency Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
21 Mr.A.S.Liyanage Vibration Analysis of Lower Arm of Vehicle Front Suspension System Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
22 Mr.J.M.D.Tharinda Development of Method to Reduction of the Vibration for Radial Gates & Vibration Sense Gate System Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
23 Miss.W.G.D. Madhubhashini Design and Fabrication of recycle bin with shredder for plastic waste Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
24 Mr.A.P.D.T.Shyamal A Efficient Method for Detaching the Clove Buds from Stalks Dr. EMHSK Ekanayake
25 Miss.S.H.M.N.S. Herath Design & Fabrictae a Fancy bag from recycled domestic plastic waste Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
26 Mr. NTSB Hansaka Effects of crosswind on an automobile under dynamic conditions Dr. IU Attanayake
Dr. SDR Perera
27 Mr.RATN Dharmasiri Design a pyrite conveyer and dust collector for coal mills of Lakvijaya power station Dr. Neel Gunasekara
28 Mr.T.M.T.T Thilakarathna Design and development of toothbrush head cap inserting machine Mr. DC Wijewardena
29 Mr.K.G.L Deshapriya Oil skimmer Dr. IU Attanayake
30 Mr. C.S.I Fernando Design and Development of a Toothbrush Feeding Machine Mr. DC Wijewardena

B.Tech Final Project – Supervisor arrangement – Mechatronics

No. Name Topic Corresponding supervisor(s)
1 Mr. K MUSTHAQ AHAMED Analysis of Human Gait Pattern of the Patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease Eng.[Mrs.]T.M.D.N.T. Medagedara Eng P.D.S.H. Gunawardane
2 Mr. M.N.M FAWAZ Design and development of an Acoustics Research Platform for Cymatics Eng.[Mrs.]T.M.D.N.T. Medagedara Eng P.D.S.H. Gunawardane
3 Mr.S.VAIKUNTHAN Automatic Point-Pedro Vadai making Machine Dr. EMHSK Ekanayake
Mr. Vithagan
4 Mr. M.A.I.M. ABHAYARATHNE Automatic fabric defects inspection machine Dr. IU Attanayake
5 Mr. I.D.P.M. RUPASINGHE Soft robotic gripper for pick and place robots with pressure sensitivity Eng.[Mrs.]T.M.D.N.T. Medagedara
6 Miss. R.M.D.S RASNAYAKE Prototype of a new non-invasive device to detect and alert nocturnal hypoglycemia events of patients with type 1 diabetes Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
7 Miss. L.M.T.L.S WIMALAWEERA Error detection system for a label printing machine Mr. DC Wijewardena
8 Mr. L.B.D. CHINTHAKA Soya milk and ice cream mixture production machine Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
9 Mr. M.D.K.C KUMARA Automated double side tape pasting machine on printing paper boards Mr. DC Wijewardena
10 Miss. D T D M DAHANAYAKA Mobile Application for Communicating with Deaf and Mute People Dr. IU Attanayake
Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
11 Mr. J.A.D.E. JAYAKODY Real time trajectory generator for robot manipulator Mr. DC Wijewardena
Exteral Supervisor: Prof. Kapila Jayasinghe
12 Mr. M.I.M IFRAN Lidar based deep sea object scanning and three dimentional mapping system using under water ROV Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
Dr. Neel Gunasekara
13  Mr. L.Y.S.S. JAYAWEERA Identification of Defects in Alumunium Profiles using Vision Based System Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
14 Mr. U.D.D. VIJAYANGA Design & Development an Automatic Bee Feeder System Based On Forage Distance Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
15 Miss. S.S. HETTIARACHCHI Reduce food wastage in the garment factories by using smart bin Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
16 Mr. I.N.P. WICKRAMASOORIYA Automated cooking machine Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
17 Mr. P.A. MADUSANKA Automated Drilling Fluid Supply For Underground Drill Rig Dr. IU Attanayake
18 Mr. R.M.N.S.R. HERATH Automated Smart Interactive Kitchen Pantry Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
19 Mr. E.S.B. SAMEERA Conduct path inspection and mapping robot Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
20 Mr. C.L. THILAKARATNE Semi-Automate Socket Assembly and Connectivity Testing Machine Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
21 Miss. K.A.A. Dilhani Design and development AI based decision making system for identify the uncertainty in air traffic control Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
22 Mr. R.D.A.U PALLEGAMA Automatic Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Based on Blood sample Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
23  Mr. G.G.S.P. BANDARA Design a medium scale grading & color sorting machine for selected fruit and vegetable items Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
24 Mr. M.C. GURUSINGHE Domestic Electricity Power controller Ms. TSS Jatunarachchi                       Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
25 Mr. R.M.K.R.B. KARUNARATHNA Design and implementation of automatic feeding system and frying process for medium scale bites machine Dr. Neel Gunasekara
26 Ms. N.AS.P WIMALASIRI Maintenance and temperature monitoring with a development of an auto cooling system for PV cells Eng. Thivanka Wickramasooriya
27 Miss. D.A.N.H. DOLEWATHTHA Drunk Driver Detection System Using Smart Breathalyzer Dr. EMHSK Ekanayake
28 Miss. R.A.H. BHAGYA Automated embroidery machine for small scale garment factory Dr. I.U. Attanayake
29 Mr. G.S.J.A DABARE Development of a simple PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) Analysis tool Dr. I.U. Attanayake
30 Mr. R.T.H.S.K. KARUNACHANDRA Sun sensor for Nano-satellites Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
31 Mr. I.G.S.B.B. ILANGAKOON Design Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) controller for cable driven parallel robot Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
32 Mr. P.V. THARUKA RUWAN Cost Effective Self-Checkout System for Fashion Stores Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
33 Mr. D.P. KAPURUGE Automation of reeling operation Mr. DC Wijewardena
34 Mr. P.A.T.D. JAYATHILAKA Implementation of wearable outdoor navigation system to aid visually impaired person Prof. SAMANS Senanayake                            Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
35 Mr. A.M.M.P.B. ATTANAYAKE Implementation of Automated Guided Vehicle with Intelligence Communication for Warehouse Management Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
Mr. VR Jayasekara
36 Mr. P.H.T.D. SILVA Creating Mobile Application to Perform Perfect “SQUAT” Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
37 Mr. E.M.P. CHATHURANGA Design and Developing Soccer Throwing Mechanism Through Curve  Trajectory Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
38  Mr. H.A. MITHULA SULAJ DAYARATHNA Automated Clutch System for Disabled People Dr. SDR Perera
39  Mr. H.A BITHURA DULAJ DAYARATHNA  Develop a Hybrid System for Vehicles to Increase Fuel Efficiency and reduce Environmental Pollution Dr. SDR Perera
40 Mr. R.A.K.K PERERA Fire detection and extinguishing mobile robot for industrial environment Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
41 Mr. K.I.R. SILVA Supportive Pen for Students with Disabilities Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
42 Ms. D.B.C.D.K. WIMALARATHNA Automated Luggage Transporting System in Airports Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
43 Mr. M.D.S.P. NANDAKUMARA Accident Preventing Helmet by Image Processing Dr. I.U. Attanayake
44 Mr. K.A.S CHANDIMANTHU Portable Wall Plotter (A Cable Driven Wall Art Creating Robot) Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
45 Mr. G.G.S.N. AKALANKA IOT Based Inventory Management Robot with Manipulator Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
46 Mr. R.P.S.P. RAJAPAKSHE Automated loading machine for sausage packing process at the oussalla sausage factory Mr. JHSK Jayamaha
47 Miss. R.A.T.B. RANASINGHE Design and Implementation of portable cardiac activity monitoring system Dr. EMHSK Ekanayake
Mr. VR Jayasekara
48 Mr. W.M.C.T. KUMARA Design and implement automated cloths maching model using AI technology Dr. Neel Gunasekara
49 Mr. H.G.S MALINGA Feeding Mechanism for Tea Leaves Grading Machine Eng.H.D.N.S.Priyankara
50 Mr. R.D.S.D KULASURIYA Smart Traffic Light Control System for Sri Lanka Eng. B.G.D.A.Madusanka
51 Mr. M.S.D. FERNANDO Automated multiple labels attaching machine Dr. Neel Gunasekara
52 Mr. W.W.P SANDARUWAN Socket surface damages identifing machine Dr. Neel Gunasekara
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