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Undergraduate Research – Department of Mechanical Engineering



Engineering Research Projects – Mechanical Engineering – 2020/21
Name Research Topic Supervisors Name/s
Mr RMSS Wijesekara Sand purifying machine to remove clay and stones Mr. IPTS Wickramasooriya
Mrs. J.L.A.S. Subhashini Designing clay pebbles machine to impove the process Mrs. P.R. Dadigamuwa
Mr. V.R. Jayasekara
Mr A.D.I Nilushan Train collision prevention system for wild Elephants Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr D.C. Wijewardane
Mr J. Mohamed Musharif Design and Development of an Economic Solar Lighting System with Low Thermal Gains Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
Dr. S.N. Gunasekara
Mr A. Ragu Design and Fabricate a system to clean removable flexible hollow sleeves along wheat flour passages Dr. S.N. Gunasekara
Mr K.G.B. Kumara Design A Self-leveling Platform For Ships Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr P.Y Ranawake A case study to identify design improvements for a medical waste incinerator Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
Mr MMF Zeshan Solar Thermal Power Generation Dr. S.N. Gunasekara
Mr S.M.J.A. Jeewan Design of a Mobile automatic matress deep cleaning machine for domestic work Mr.IPTS Wickramasooriya
Mr.Achintha Madhusanka
Mr W.S.H Wijayasinghe CNC Plotter machine to mark on steel plate. Mr D.C. Wijewardane
Mr G.P.N Thilakshena Design and develop a tyre changing machine for heavy vehicles. Mr D.C. Wijewardane
Mr R.M.S.Y. Rathnayake Design and Development a System for Composing Coir Fiber Cubicles Mrs.TMDNT Medagedara
Mr P.D.S.U Rupasena Design and Develop a machine to produce dried chips from Jack Fruits. Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr D. Sathiyakumar Fabricate and bulid- up chocolate depositor Dr.(Mrs).E.M.H.S.K.Ekanayake
Mr R. Arunsinth Performance Enhancement of a domestic biomass paddy dryer Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake
Mr W G A D Weerasinghe Metal Shaft thread cutting Machine Dr. SN Gunasekera
Mr J.C Wickramaarachchi Design and develop a machine to remove the seed from Sri Lankan olive. Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr M.M. Mahees design and develop multi
function bet conveyor
Mr. HSL Perera
Mr B.K.C. Dayananda Modification of air brake system
in new Chinese coaches in SLR
Mr.I.P.T.S. Wickramasooriya
Mr D.M.G. Disanayaka Designing and fabrication of car washing and servicing lift(jack) for domestic usage Mr. VR Jayasekara
Mr P.G.R.T.R. Rathnayake Multy head drilling machine Mr.D.C Wijewardane
Mr A.G.V. Madhushanka Molecular Signal Tracking in Fluid Channels Dr.(Mrs.) I.U. Attanayake
Mr U.V.D.A Shirantha Design and fabrication of a fortified rice seed mixer Mr. V.R Jayasekara
Mr K K T D Wickramasinghe Development of an Apparatus to measure the rock Deformability Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr. M. Samarawicrama
Mr K.G.L Udaya Kumara Tread Aplicator Unit. Mr. V.R Jayasekara
Mr E.M.W.E.M. Ekanayake Develop a system for predic
engine life time
Mr. V.R Jayasekara
Mr N. Prasanth Barbed Wire Roll: Handle Staightening and Cutting Machine Mr. HSL Perera
Mr G.K.N. Weerasooriya Green Pepper (Raw) Seeds Removing Machine. Mr. V.R Jayasekara
Miss G.A.D. Madhushani Chaper strip cutting Machine. Mr. HSL Perera
Miss S.A.U. Madhubhashini Design and fabricate Automating
Ribbon Blender Machine with Screw Converyer
Mrs. P.R. Dadigamuwa
Mr. V.R. Jayasekara
Mr H.D. Wickramarathna Re-design of thermal circuit of domestic refrigerators for the incorporation of phase changing materials Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake
Mrs. T.S.S. Jatunnarachchi
Miss J.R. Priyadarshani Design and Fabrication of Dual Mode Can Crusher Machine Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr H.G.J.C Rupasinghe Design and develop a machine to remove the seed from maize Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr K.G.S.I Senevirathna Design and Development of Plastic Compactor for Tractor Trolley Mr. D.C. Wijewardana
MrR.K.M.Randima Defective shock absorbers indicating system Mr. V.R.Jayasekara
Mr. I.P.T.S. Wickramasooriya
Mr K.G.A Fernando Waste Heat Extraction for Domestic Use Mrs. T.S.S. Jatunnarachchi
Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake
Mr. P.K.S.K.S. Dharmasena Design of solar assisted vapour absorption air conditioning system Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake
Mr T.H.M. Suranjith Estimations of safe operating envelope of materials used for steel briges under cyclicloads. Dr. D.H.R.J. Wimalasiri
Mr. Viththagan
Engineering Research Projects – Mechatronics Engineering – 2020/21
Name Research Topic Supervisors Name/s
Miss K.C.H. Perera Analysis of motion dynamics for designing a head massage robot Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
Mr P.S. Wiyayagunasekara Design a fully automated control system for horizontal wood cutting bandsaw machine Mr. HSL Perera
Mr. ChandimaPerera
Miss H.J.Y.C Jayamuni Smart Interactive Water Level Monitoring and Controlling System Dr. Himali Ekanayake
Mr M Kishanthan Protoype Automated Greenhouse And Monitoring System Mr. I.P.T.S Wickramasooriya
Miss P.J. Ranasinghe Ammonia and Dissolve Oxygen Maintaining System for Shrimp Farming Mrs P.R. Dadigamuwa
Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr P.W.D.D. Nimalarathna Recognizing whether a person wearing a mask or not Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr. B.G.D. Achintha Madushanka
Mr J.M.N.P. Jayasinghe Automated protection system for
houses close to HEC areas from elephants (title is under discussion)
Mr. D.C. Wijewardana
Mr L.P.A.D.K Premalal Comfortable Seat Belt System with Active Collision Avoidance for Non-luxury Vehicles. Dr. S.N. Gunasekera
Mr S.D Sanjaya Madushanka Design and Fabrication of Lung Sound Montitoring and Comparison system for Quick Diagnosis Mr. V.R. Jayasekara
Mr D.N. Madushan Automated Self-Detecting Instant Dirty Remover Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr P Nayana Chandre Computer Operating device For limbs disabled and paralyzed people Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr. B.G.D. Achintha Madushanka
Miss S.F Sara Image processing based smart travelling bag Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr R.A.N.C. Wijesingha Design And Develop A Ribbed Smoke Sheet (RSS) Grading System In Rubber Manufacturing Industry In Sri Lanka Mr. I.P.T.S. Wickramasooriya
Mr A.R. Lokuge Solution for Human Elephant Confliict Mr.H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr I.D.P.M. Rupasinghe A Machine for Cinnamon outer bark stripping Mr. D.C. Wijewardane
Mr H.A.T.P. Wickramanayake Air quality forcasting using Artificial Nural Network Dr.(Mrs) I. U. Aththanayake
Mr R.L. Liyanage Solar tracking system for roof-top installation Prof. SAMANS Senanayake
Mr K.W.T.S.F. Fonseka A Novel Assistive Device For Patient Lifting And Transferring In Hospitals Mrs. T.M.D.N.T Medagedara
Mr. P.D.S.H Gunawardane
Mr P.D.S.S. Pathirana Automated garbage line chute system Dr. I. U. Aththanayake
Miss I.D.M.I.L.K Bandara Computer vision based Beach cleaning robot Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr. Chandima Perera
Miss B.K Kethmini Early Identification of Senior Malnutrition with the aid of supporting activities of daily living Mr. B.G.D.Achintha Madushanka
Mr M.A.M. Asheef Automatic zipper measure and gapping machine Mr. HSL Perera
Mr. ChandimaPerera
Mr D.C.N. Wijendra Early detection of Paddy Leaf Diseases & Pests Using Image Processing Mr. B.G.D.Achintha Madushanka
Mr R.D.S.D. Kulasuriya Study on Developing a Wall Putty
Applying Machine
Mr. HSLPerera
Mr W.W.P. Sandaruwan 13A socket surface crack Detecting Machine Dr. S.N. Gunasekara
Mr. Viththagan
M.R.G. Cooray
Automated and remotely control pet food dispenser Mr. V.R Jayasekara
J.A.K.R Jayasingha
Designing a lifesaving system in swimming pool Dr. (Mrs) I. U. Aththanayake
Mr G.G.S.P. Bandara A Machine-Learning Based Approach for Hand Gesture Controlled Soft Actuator Mechanism Mr. PDSH Gunawardane
Mrs. TMDNT Medagedara
Mr A.M.M.P.B. Attanayake Design and Development of Humanoid Robot Assistant with Sinhala Language Responsive Ability Mr. B.G.D. Achintha Madushanka
Mr K.A.S Chandimanthu Designing of a CNN based Induction motor bearing failure detection system Mrs. TMDNT Madagedara
Mr. PDSH Gunawardane
Miss K.M.P.M Senevirathne Braille convert and text to voice system to Sinhala for use in paper marking. Mr H.D.N.S Priyankara
Mr U. M. S Madhusanka Wearable Kinesthetic Feedback
Interface for Grasping Virtual Objects
Mrs. TMDNT Madagedara
Mr. PDSH Gunawardane
Mr S Nadun Sensor Fusion of leap motion controller and
flex sensor using Kalman filter
Mrs. TMDNT Madagedara
Mr. PDSH Gunawardane
Mr.D.K.L.Karunarathna EMG-based hand gesture contolled soft gripping mechanism of industrial type gantryrobot manipulators Mrs. TMDNT Madagedara
Mr. PDSH Gunawardane
Mr. W.D.K.K. Weliwaththa User controlled sit to stand movement supportive robot device for paraplegia patient Mr. H.D.N.S. Priyankara
Mr. ChandimaPerera
K.A.S.D Weerawardhana Internet of things for remote elderly perception monitoring Mr. B.G.D. AchinthaMadushanka


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