Student Welfare Division-FAQs


1      How Can I Contact SAR/Staff of the Student Affairs and Welfare Division?

Telephone Numbers:
Senior Assistant Registrar : 0112-823920  011-2881205
Office staff :0112-881 374 /2881 485


2     Can I get scholarships/financial assistance to follow the courses at the OUSL?

Yes. There are several schemes and you need to meet certain requirements to receive the financial assistances under  these schemes as described below.


More details

3    Which type of facilities provide by the university  to registered students of OUSL ?

Please refer this link -students/students-facilities/

4    How students are acquire the OUSL library facility?

Please refer this link  :

5    Is there any online facility  available for students?

Online Support

  • Online Library service (Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Link :
  • My OUSL – Study related matters, Notices, Scholarship Notices, print personal result sheets,  etc.,
  • OUSL lernousl facility ( – For Day school presentations, Notices  and other Academic activities

6    How can I get approval to obtain a studentship confirmation letter?

Student Affairs and Welfare Division issues Studentship letters only for the following purposes:

  • Obtaining Visa from an embassy
  • Applying a loan from a Bank for purchasing Laptops

Studentship letters for any other purpose can be obtained from the relevant Regional Centre the student  has registered.


7    How can I get approval to organize an event, activity (sports, aesthetic, etc..) in University?

You can contact the staff of Student Affairs and Welfare Division , and obtain the relevant form for organizing an activity (for more information please call Student Affairs and Welfare Division: 011-2881374) and get approval from relevant authority.


8    What is the criteria used for obtaining TRF facility . How can I obtain Temporary Residential Facility (TRF)? Am I entitled for it?

Not like other conventional Universities, the OUSL provides only Temporary Residential Facility (TRF)  at Colombo, Kandy and Matara Regional Centres for eligible students.

  • For TRF at CRC, applicant’s residence should be more than 50 km  away  from the CRC
  • For TRF at KRC and MRC, the applicant’s residence should be 25 km away from KRC or MRC
  • CRC can accommodate 400students (Male 204/Female 196), KRC can accommodate 34 students (Male20,Female 14) and  MRC can accommodate 30 Students (Male 18, Female 12) .

The OUSL provides comfortable residential facilities for students. For this purpose the University has built comfortable and spacious hostel facilities at its Colombo Regional Center (CRC) in Colombo. It can accommodate over 200 students for an affordable fee. The students who have been engaged in continuous academic activities at the OUSL and/or who have come from remote areas can apply for TRF by filling the TRF card (available at Student Affairs & Welfare Division) which has to be approved by the relevant Academic Coordinator.


Refundable one time deposit: = Rs500
payment per 20 day-card: =Rs,1,000
Maximum number of cards per Academic Year is 3

For more information please call Student Affairs and Welfare Division: 011- 2881374 or visit webpage:


9    I am facing an ongoing disciplinary inquiry. How can I get information about it?

Student disciplinary matters are handled from Student affairs and Welfare Division. You can call the Student Affairs and Welfare Division (011- 2881374) to obtain the information.

10   How can I get involved with Student Union / be an office bearer?

Election for Student Unions are called annually. Eligibility and other details can be found from following web link.

11   Are there any Student Societies  in the OUSL?

There are many Student Societies. You can find all the details from following web link.

12   How can I get information to get registered for new OUSL  Programme?

Contact Public Information Office at CRC
0112-199074, 0112-881 156, 0112-881 152

13   How can I get canceled already registered programme and refund the paid money ?

Cancellation of  registration for a study programme can be done any time upon a written request. A refund can only be done if you make the request before  the end of Add/Drop period of the  relevant study programme.

Contact Registration Division for more detail 2881301 / 2881013

14   I missed getting registered last year . How can I continue my studies?

If you couldn’t re- register or obtain studentship for an academic year, you will not receive letters for re-registration for next academic year. In such case you can contact Registration Division (2881301/2881013) and find out the next re- registration period. Then you should visit the Registration Division on relevant days and request for get  re- registration.

This method is not applicable if you did not get re- register for more than 5 consecutive years. If so refer No 16 of this FAQ.

15   Whom should to get information regarding Registration/Re- Registration / Add/Drop Matters ?

Contact Registration Division : 0112-881 301  / 0112-881 013

16   I couldn’t re- register for more than 5 years. How can I continue my studies?

You can make a written appeal to the Senior Assistant Registrar/ Student Affairs and Welfare Division, through the relevant Head of the Department and Dean of the relevant Faculty. Your appeal is then considered by a committee and if the committee approves your request for re-registration, you may able continue your studies.

For more information please call Student Affairs and Welfare Division011-2881 485

17   From Where can I obtain Information on Examinations matters?

For information regarding the final examination, you can contact the Examination Division with following Telephone Numbers.

0112-881204   /   0112-881350   /  0112-881461   /   0112-881040

For Continuous Assessment Tests, please contact the relevant Department.

18   I didn’t receive an admission letter for final examinations. Whom Should I contact to solve the problem?

Contact the Examination Division  overthe following  telephone numbers

0112-881204   /   0112-881350   /  0112-881461   /  0112-881040


19   Whom should I contact to obtain information on Payments or  adjustment of  vouchers?

Contact the Finance Division: CRC  over the following Telephone Numbers

0112-881 151  /  0112-881 345  /  0112-881 346  /  0112-881 349  /  0112-881 043

20   Is there a “Help Desk” facility  available me  to get information about my studies ?

Yes you can contact the Help  Desk over the telephone number  0112 – 20 99 299

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