RRC Academic Programmes

Academic Programs offered at Ratnapura Regional Centre

Faculty of Education

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Sinhala & Tamil medium)
  2. B.Ed. In Primary Education (Sinhala medium)
  3. Certificate in Pre School Education


Faculty of Engineering Technology

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Engineering (Registration & Examinations only)
  2. Bachelor of Industrial Studies (Registration & Examinations only)
  3. Bachelor of Software Engineering


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

  1. LLB Degree Programme
  2. BA Degree in Social Sciences
  3.  BA in Tamil Language & Tamil Language Teaching
  4. Advance Cert. in English for professional & Business Communication (Stage I/Stage II)
  5. Tamil Programme (Certificate/ Advance Cerificate)
  6. Advance Certificate in Social Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (Hons.)
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.
  4. Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology

Faculty of Management Studies 

  1. Bachelor of mangement Studies
  2. Advance Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Faculty of Natural Sciences 

  1. Bachelor of Science Degree (Registrations & Examinations only)
  2. Advance Certificate in Science

Short courses available at Ratnapura Regional Centre

Short course



Course fee


Computer Literacy

4 months



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Human Resource Management

60 hrs (12 days) Weekend

Age: 18+

10 000/=

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Listening & Speech (English)

25 hrs (10 days) Weekend/ Weekdays

Age: 16+


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