Ratnapura Regional Centre


Ratnapura regional centre is one of the premier educational institutes in the Sabaragamuwa province. The centre nestled in the heart of ancient city of gems, blessed by the sacred Sri Pada (Adams peak). The centre was established in 1996 as a study centre and upgraded to a regional centre in September 2017. Since its inception the centre caters for the higher educational needs of the regional community. Ratnapura Regional Center facilitates the enrollment and academic activities in many academic programs related to the six faculties of the Open University of Sri Lanka. We offer variety of programmes starting with Certificate level to the Postgraduate level. Currently our student population, who follows regular programmes, is around 650. In addition to this 300-400 students annually get registered for short courses.Our staff is always willing to provide the best student support services to our students.We are determined to become a fully equipped academic institute in near future by further enhancing our physical and human resources. We invite you all to come and join with us for a life-long academic experience.

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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