Research-Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept

Undergraduate Research – Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Project Title

Student Name

Supervisor(s) Name

An island mode micro grid for rural island

IHA Maduranga

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Ms. UY Sewwandi

An Island mode
micro grid for rural/Island Electrification

DHDK Pathiranage

Ms. UY Sewwandi
Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Eng. LA Samaliarachchi

Analyse of power quality issues of solar PV connected
distribution system

HMST Dharmaratne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Integrated Battery system for electric vehicles

JS Bopage

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Design of smart energy meter

LPS Dasanayake

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Mr. MSS Perera

Residual current circuit breaker (ARCCB)

KAN Chathuranga

Ms. Lakmalie

Design a solar piezoelectric hybrid street lighting

MADJ Marasinghe

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Prospect of renewable
energy utilization for electricity generation in Sri Lanka

KAM Gunarathne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Mr. IA Premaratne

Distribution transformers remote monitoring system
to reliability improvement

GDP Suranga

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Suppress the
harmonics to secure the distribution network from alternatives of PV systems

SADL Chathuranga

Mr. IA Premaratne

Study on optimum national grid integration of
Broadlands hydro-power plant

DGKS Prasanna

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
Eng. Anuradha Mudhannayake


K W M S Keerthiratne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
CEng. Anuruddha Madawala

Determine optimum excitation limits of cylindrical
rotor generator with brush less exciter for the enhancing of system

PAT Wathsala

Ms. UY Sewwandi

Remedies to
prevent line tripping of feeder 01 & 07 of puttalam

AAMS Athauda

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Development of the health index & customized
maintenance schedule for power transformers.

DGC Udayanga

Mr. IA Premaratne

Optimum solution
to minimise the transmission line tripping due to
the lighting strikes.

S P Hashan Nilantha

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Reviewing the excitation transformer protection
scheme and generator bus bar arrangement of LA Vijaya power

SR Wijesiri

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
CEng. Anuruddha Madawala

Determination of
the wind power penetration level of the Sri Lankan power system

HDR Nayomi

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi

Analysis of temporary loading possibilities of
220kv transmission line with weather conditions

RCS Amarasekara

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Re-assessment of Udawalawa plant capacity and its impact on transmission

KA Warnasekara

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi

Design an automatic water cooling system & sun
tracker for floating solar power plant

JMRCK Jayasinghe

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Micro grid model
for existing renewable energy based distribution network

HDC Ranmini

Ms. UY Sewwandi

Feasibility study for Geothermal power generation
in Sri Lanka

KGGRR Abewicrama

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Mitigating of
voltage unbalance in distribution system due to solar pv

RAHT Perera

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Concentrated solar power plant for Sri Lanka

MKDPN Munasinghe

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Micro grid model
existing renewable energy based distribution network

MYMP Perera

Ms. UY Sewwandi

Performance comparison of transformer less PV
inverter topologies and design a new topology to reduce leakage current

RMDP Ariyarathne

Mr. IA Premaratne

Analysis of
effect of clouds to voltage flickering in solar PV systems

TKRAS Navarathna

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Feasibility study of hybrid power plant utilizing
solar thermal & energy from waste

RBMNK Basnayaka

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Solar PV integration
with battery storage for distribution systems

PHRY Paranahewa

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Installation of solar based micro grid for high
most lighting system in Hambantota international port

YPSH Karunathilaka

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Designing a protection
module to provide automatic protection for breaking of a phase conductor in
LV distribution network

WIDT Piyadasa

Mr. IA Premaratne

Energy storage technology for grid application in
Sri Lanka

KATNB Kumarasinghe

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

New technology
for high impedance fault detection in LV distribution system

MCA Fernando

Mr. IA Premaratne

Efficiency improvement of MV distribution system

SLP Madushanka

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

effectiveness of use of battery storage for solar PV domestic consumers

DOS Liyanage

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Energy loss minimization of MV distribution network

RPAP Senarathne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Integrated super
capacitor & lead acid battery energy storage & feeding under partial
shading condition of a standalone PV solar system

SWD Priyadarshana

Mr. IA Premaratne

Reliability analysis of LV distribution system
energy not served

NMSS Nawarathna

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala
Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Impact of
distribution generators to annual energy losses of the distributional system

DBPK Madhuwantha

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Regression analysis of power loss in LV
distribution network

S S Mallikarachchi

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Analysis of the
medium voltage network development in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka.

M Amalraj

Dr. KAC Udayakumar


PRD Perera

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Eng. Tharindu (LECO)

Governor unit for
micro hydro power plant

OABD Kumara

Ms. UY Sewwandi
Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Eng. LA Samaliarachchi

Effect of harmonics and find appropriate k-factor
values for LV power distribution transformers in Colombo city

RHH Weerarathne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

optimization & design of hybrid power system for rubber tire gantry

WPKS Wijeweera

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

A relay unit for different fault protection of
induction motor

S Wimaladasa

Ms. UY Sewwandi

Feasibility study
of bio-electricity generation from cyanobacteria in Sri Lanka environment

AEH Wickramathilaka

Mr. IA Premaratne

Efficiency improvement of auxiliaries at LA Vijaya
power station

PGHUP Kumara

Ms. UY Sewwandi

enchantment of Inginiyagala hydro power station and
its effect to the distribution system

KLDBP Senevirathne

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi

Feasibility study & design an improved
controller for fuel cell power plant

MSP Lankathilaka

Ms. UY Sewwandi

assessment of Pannipitiya grid substation

PRKS Nandasena

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Design a reliable emergency power system for the
cooling water system of the unit#1 of LA Vijaya power station

IMCR Herath

Ms. UY Sewwandi

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Impact of solar PV cells to the performance of distribution network with specific preference to Negombo area.

WADSV Perera

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Sudantha Hewage

Feasibility study of floating solar power plant in
Sri Lanka


Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Feasibility study
of floating solar power plant in Sri Lanka

HMD Priyangika Herath

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Building management system for the new science
& Technology building of the Open University of Sri Lanka

OK Kodikara

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Ms. UY Sewwandi

Building management system for the new science & Technology building of the Open University of Sri Lanka

UGEM Jayananda

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Ms. UY Sewwandi

Electrical loads of residential consumers in Sri lanka

KMIP Senevirathne

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

GDH Fernando

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Analysis of harmonic distortion of low voltage
distribution lines in Horana area

HYS Wijayasinghe

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Solar powered battery buffered EV (Electrical Vehicle) charging station to reduce the load during peak hours

SDAM Francis

Mr. IA Premaratne

Rehabilitation of power distribution network in Gampola

RHMVM Bandara

Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Modelling and analysing of Airborne wind energy systems

PATD Siriwardana

Ms. Gayathri Sashikala

Impact of distributed generation on distribution
network protection scheme

STUP Gunathilake

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Mr. Dinesh Dissanayake

AKSP Perera

WPKS Wijeweera

reliability of distribution transformer

GL Asanka Udayanga

Ms. UY Sewwandi

SADDP Wijegunawardana

Study for
Effective Wireless Power Transmission through Inductive Coupling Technique
and improve foe highly efficiency

KBVS Perera

Mr. IA Premaratne

DASL Thennakoon

Designing &
implementing the hardware platform for dispatch multiple generators based on
the incremented cost method and demand response

TG Prabash

Ms. UY Sewwandi

TANP Abeysumana

JADP Jayasinghe

DC micro grid for rural electrification

MPCG Weerasekara

Dr. KAC Udayakumar
Ms. UY Sewwandi

Design &
Implementation of LV Network Power Measuring System

MAD Madusanka

Mr. IA Premaratne

Power-aware ant colony routing in heterogeneous
wireless sensor networks

A Satheesh

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Behavioural traits based
used security policies for SDN

SKSD Senarath

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Vulnerability indicator for child protection

RS Udani

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Constrained based
optimization of a transport network architecture

DGAL Gamage

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Road conditions update to google map by using
condition sensing and analysing device

JSS Kumara

Mrs. H Pasqual

Localised mobile device
detector and signal jammer

Vijayavahini Vijayagopal

Mrs. H Pasqual

Large area pointed space speech signal detection
microphone device for stage activity

AK Ruwan Kumara

Mr. MHMND Herath

Empty slot
detection for vehicle parking using image processing.

MFM Thanish

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

IOT based high Accuracy automated vehicle emission

SASS Sakalasuriya

Mr. CJSAH Perera

Image Processing
based plant growth detector

GP Gunawardana

Mr. MSS Perera

Adulteration of coconut oil with palm oil
determination using by electrical drop counter

KBP Prabodhani

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Vehicle body
damage detection system

HABC Hapuarachchi

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Automated hydroponic nutrition measuring and
refilling system with growth rate monitoring for lettuce

GDKN Subasinghe

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Fire resistance Identifier in the civil construction field for reinforced concrete structures

LMPM Wijayathunga

Ms. SADAN Dissanayake

Electronic vehicle & driving pattern grading

PR Wijerathna

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Oyster mushroom
quality inspection using image processing

AS Kalutarage

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Smart Electronic quality analyser
for Coconut oil

ACD Dilshani

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne
Mrs. H Pasqual

QOS traffic monitoring tool for VPN links

GA Chamath Kavinda

Mrs. H Pasqual

Development of a Novel Reslience
Assessment Mechanism for Wi-Fi systems

SM Meeghapola

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Pre-emptive statistical measures for intrusion detection in network traffic

GOR Wijesinghe

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Automatic receiver selector for air traffic controllers

KDNB Bandara

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Intelligent QOS monitoring system for GSM network

WK Madushan

Mrs. H Pasqual

Air pollution monitoring system

K Anukiraka

Mr. MHMND Herath
Mr. MSS Perera

Design & develop a smart device to estimate & monitor the state of health (SOHS) and the capacity of the aircraft battery

DM Nuwan Iranga

Mr. CJ Basnayakage

A portable machine for separating black seeds in

AUNK Athukorala

Mr. DN Balasuriya

eleAlert: A sensor for
detecting elephant intrusions at boundary villages

MABS Weerawardhana

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Building a dehumidifier & pre-heater for solar
collector owens and dryers

MANP Muththaarachchi

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Improving accurate prediction for the best focused lens position using short search time

AAHV Athauda

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Mobile system for tree ring structure. analysing for accurate age defining of trees in Sri Lanka

DMSH Dissanayake

Mr. MSS Perera

Measuring fabric drape using digital image processing

PES Priyankara

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Automated defect detection system for logo print on

RMDK Rathnayaka

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Design of an electromagnetic field measuring system

LR Wickramasinghe

Mr. MSS Perera

Blind person navigation system using GPS &

TP Geeganage

Mr. CJSAH Perera

Follow the sun and reflect to a pre-defined location

EKUS Nayana

Mrs. H Pasqual
Mr. MSS Perera

Insitu latex quality tester

KRIM Gunathilaka

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Portable chemical Contaminant tester for fruits

PASP Ponnamperuma

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Smart soil testing system for farmers

AWMIK Bandara

Mr. MSS Perera

Three phase alternator voltage regulator & DC-DC converter

AGAP Kumara

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

A device to measure the actual volume of fuel
pumped to a vehicle

EDR Jayawardena

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Automated letter registering system

TS Hettiarachchi


Automated murukku making machine

LDI Appuhami

Mrs. H Pasqual
Mr. NR Prematilake

Blood flow stimulator and foot neuropathy analyser in smart
shoe for diabetic patients

T Pirasanth

Mrs. H Pasqual

Soil type identification system

DMAU Gnanawardana

Mr. WDSS Bandara 

Web based vehicle security system

DGS Mihiranga

Mrs. H Pasqual

Automated microwave antenna link alignment system

YATAN Weerasena

Mrs. H Pasqual

Implementation of
quality of service (Qos) for voice service offered
over WiFi

ALAC Sewwandi

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

R.F Signal detection system at examination centres

NNTT Hewage

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Expandable multiple I/O system controlling system for smart agriculture

Buddhika Wijesooriya

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Raw milk quality & urea detector

UD Panangala Liyanage

Mrs. H Pasqual

Traffic lights control system for T-junction & pedestrian crossing areas based on digital image processing

ADGN Jayasundara

Mr. CJSAH Perera

Human behaviour detector

BLDA Jayathunga

Mr. MHMND Herath

Smart Agriculture for monitoring the leaf diseases in citrus

PSH Jayasinghe

Mr. MSS Perera

Interacted sensor method for train tracking system

AMDAK Abeywardana

Mrs. H Pasqual

High efficiency and low cost automated activated carbon generator

RAPA Perera

Mrs. H Pasqual

Road signs detection system for drivers in Sri lank
using fuzzy logic, support vector machine & image processing

MPSMK Jayasinghe

Mr. MHMND Herath

Automatic system for separate male & female in ornamental goldfish hatcheries

SA Rajapaksha

Mr. MHMND Herath

wasp nest detecting device for tea pluckers

CJ Amarasinghe

Mr. DN Balasuriya

Automation of tea withering process

TAT Thilakarathna

Mr. MHMND Herath

Automated wax printer for batik industry

BKS Arachchi

Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Design a luminous efficacy measurement mechanism for lamps & develop a decision support
system for industry

HDC Hettiarachchi

Dr (Mrs) U S Premarathne

Low cost automatic railway crossing.

DTS Wimalaguna

Mr. MSS Perera

HWPS Kularatne

S Vinoth

TGSP Thambavita

ED Ranadeera

MGL Dharmasiri

Smart Assignment Box

PKC Lakshitha

Mr. CJ Basnayakage
Mr. DS Wickramasinghe

Student profiling system to monitor performance of student

HRS Senanayake

Dr. A Madurapperuma

Ms. Nadeera meedin

Lung Cancer prediction system

NM Cherangani

Dr. A Madurapperuma
Miss Shalani

Artificial intelligence based BI tool for ERP systems

W B S Livera

Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe

Human detecting device for vision impairment people

KGSN De Silva

Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe

Plant species recognition system using the vein structure of leaf

RBLCK Rajaguru

Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe
Dr. G&S

Quality Checking System of Elastics

KL Sanduni Nimesha

Mr. CJ Basnayakage

Intelligent venue allocation for conducting academic activities in OMIS time table of FET/ OUSL.

DDSM Senanayake

Mr. NR Prematilake

Analysis of student perception of OUSL in Social

SARR Madusanka

Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe

Cuvette Cleaner for Clia Analyzer

KW Malith Jothipala

Mr. CJ Basnayakage

Surface water quality parameter changes prediction
system in “Kala-oya basin”(MASL)

GDJ Perera

prof. BCL Athapattu
Dr. (Mrs.) HUW Rathnayake

Design and implement FPGA accelerator to computer convolution layer of CNN for video processing

JK Nelundeniya

Dr. LSK Udugama

Data Visualization of Trainee Pilot

MIO De Silva

Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe

LDJ Wickramasinghe

Dr. (Mrs.) HUW Rathnayake

Video analysis in surveillance camera

SWMMU Wanninayake

Mr. CJ Basnayakage

Sign language detection system using artificial intelligence

R Ragushan

Dr. LSK Udugama
Mr. NAR Priyanka

Intelligent monitoring and automation system for
ornamental fish fam.

G Ramakrishnan

Dr. LSK Udugama
Mr. NAR Priyanka

Our LAB remote laboratory resources switching processor design

YPN Priyadarshana

Dr. LSK Udugama

Garbage identification and collection of canals in
Sri Lanka

AADAG Kaushalya

Mr. CJ Basnayakage

Optimization of school tie table scheduling

MAAR Dehsapriya

Dr. LSK Udugama

LDS Wickramasinghe

Dr. (Mrs.) HUW Rathnayake



Title of the PhD/MPhil Study  Candidate Name  Superviors’ Names
Multi parameter low voltage network topology optimization to be used in advanced distribution management system operated through smart grid technology.  Mr. D.M.D.K Dissanayaka  Dr. K.A.C Udayakumar
& Prof.  K.T.M.U Hemapala
Development of a framework to foster collaborative
learning among engineering students using Moodle learning analytics.
 Ms. H.P.A Peramunagamage Dr. (Mrs) HUW Rathnayake
& Prof. SP Karunanayaka
Performance evaluation of physical layer network coded parallel relay channels operating
with non-orthogonal multiple access.
 Ms. P.H.P.A Bandara  Mr. D.N Balasuriya
& Dr. Udesh S. Oruthota

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Research Publications on  Year 2018

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7. Yashodhara, P.H.A.H.K., & Ranasinghe, D.D.M., (2018). Noninvasive Automated System for Identification of Diabetic Patients. IOURS 2018-Open University International Research Sessions.

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