Courses-Accounting and Finance dept

SLQF Level Course code Title Course coordinator
2 MSC2406 Accounts and Finance for Entrepreneurs Mr.W.A.R Senevirathne
2 MSC2308 Introduction to Economics Dr.H.D.D.C Liyanagamage
3 MSU3505 Micro Economics Dr.L.P.S Gamini
3 MSU3506 Financial and Cost Accounting Mr.W.A.R Senevirathne
4 MSU4507 Macro Economics Dr.H.D.D.C Liyanagamage
4 MSU4508 Money and Capital Markets Mr.C.P Weerasekara
5 MSU5508 Financial Management and Managerial Accounting Dr.L.P.S Gamini
5 MSU5504 Project Appraisal Dr.H.D.D.C Liyanagamage
5 MSU5507 Managerial Economics Dr.L.P.S Gamini
6 MSU6421 Advanced Financial Accounting Mr.W.A.R Senevirathne
6 MSU6422 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Mr.C.P Weerasekara
9 MSP9405 Economic Environment of Business Dr.L.P.S Gamini
9 MSP9409 Accounting and Finance Dr.L.P.S Gamini
9 MSP9305 Managerial Economics Dr.L.P.S Gamini
9 MSP9332 Managerial Finance Mr.C.P Weerasekara
10 MSPA302 Project Management Dr.H.D.D.C Liyanagamage
10 MSPA498 Research Methods Dr.L.P.S Gamini
10 MSPA310 Corporate Finance Dr.L.P.S Gamini
10 MSPA348 Project Management Dr.H.D.D.C Liyanagamage
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