Dr. L.P.S. Gamini (Head of the Department)

Ph.D(Delhi), M.Com(Kalaniya),Bsc(Bus.Ad)(JU)
Senior Lecturer (G I)


Dr. H.D.D. Champika

Ph.D (Colombo),MBA(University of Colombo), B.Sc.Mgt (SJU)
Senior Lecturer (G I)


Mr. C.P. Weerasekara

M.Sc in Management (SJP) B.Sc Financial Management (Sp) (SUSL)


Mr.W.A.R. Senevirathne

B.Sc (Sp) Acc & Business Finance (Hons) (1st Class) (WUSL), MBA (Merit) (WUSL), (Reading PhD, CBO), MAAT, CBF, ICASL Final
Senior Lecturer (G II)

Miss. W M Nilwala

B.Sc.(Sp).in Insurance and Valuation (WUSL),M.Sc in Management (Reading) (SJP), ESOL(UK)

Miss. P.D.Dananjani Kasunika

B. Com (Sp) in Financial Management (KLN), Reading for Masters (SJP)

Academic Supportive Staff


BSc. Accounting (Sp) USJ, CIMA(Passed Finalist), MAAT

Ms. D.K.C Kothalawala

MHRM (Kelaniya) ,BSc (Hons) in Management( University Collage of Dublin- Ireland)

Ms.K. Y. G. S. S. Dissanayake

B.Com (Special) Accounting and Finance, EUSL



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