Student Loan Scheme

Process of Purchasing Laptops for University Students on the Basis of an Interest free Loan

1. Designated IT service Providers with their offers of Laptop Computers and specifications will be published to state universities and students. – The maximum all inclusive price of the Laptop computer will be Rs. 75,000.00.

– The Laptop computer must be covered by three (03) years comprehensive warranty, Windows/Linux operating system installed with an anti-virus software programme.

2. Student can go to the nearest branch of the IT Service Provider (Computer Vendor) and select a Laptop computer brand/model and get a Performa Invoice.

3. Maximum Loan amount will be Rs. 75,000.00 and has to repay by 36 interest free equal installments starting from the following month after purchasing the laptop computer.

4. Student Administration Office of the University will issue recommendation letter to the preferred bank/branch with other necessary documents.

5. Student has to submit a letter from the university, Application Form, NIC Card, Student Record Book and any other specific documents recommended by the Bank. Student has to submit another Student as a guarantor.

6. After necessary proceedings bank will issue a cheque to the relevant IT service provider, IT service provider will then issue the Laptop computer to the Student.

7. The student has to start settling monthly installment from the following Month.

More information can be found from the Ministry of Higher Education Website by the following link

  • * Please note that the Student Affairs and Welfare Division only provides a Studentship confirmation letter for the above purpose. Students should contact a relevant bank to gain the loan facility. 

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