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The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is the country’s premier distance education institution. Founded in 1980, the OUSL provides high-quality education and training to a diverse student population, including those who cannot attend traditional universities due to work or family commitments.

One of the key strengths of the OUSL is its flexible learning environment. Students can study at their own place and choose when and where to study, making it possible for them to fit their education into their busy schedules. Additionally, the university provides students with support services such as counseling, library services, and career guidance, which are essential for their academic and personal success.

The Open University of Sri Lanka’s open distance learning (ODL) method has emerged as an excellent approach for tourism education programs. With the growth of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, it has become vital to have well-trained individuals in the field. The Open University’s open distance learning program provides a unique opportunity for students to obtain a quality education while managing their busy schedules or pursuing other interests.

The program offers a flexible approach to learning that allows students to access course materials and lectures online and complete assignments at their own place. This has proven to be an advantage for tourism students who can learn about different tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and around the country without leaving their homes. The LEARN OUSL online platform also provides an opportunity for students to interact with instructors and other students, thus facilitating collaboration and discussion.

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