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Academic Coordinator (On Contract)


Mr. Nelson De Silva Academic Coordinator nelsondesilva@yahoo.com
Ms.. Sajani T. Rajapaksha Academic Coordinator (On Contract) – (PO Unit) rpraj@ou.ac.lk 0112-881436 / Ext.2401
Ms. Ashani Bulathgama Academic Coordinator (On Contract) – (BYCD bebul@ou.ac.lk 0112-881033 / Ext.2402
Mr. Shakila Gallage Academic Coordinator (On Contract) – (SO Unit) svgal@ou.ac.lk 0112-881496 / Ext.2410
Ms. S. Vinoja Academic Coordinator (On Contract) – (ED Unit) svino@ou.ac.lk 0112-881402 / Ext.2406


Academic Coordinator (Part Time)

Mr. Nizam Lantra  Academic Coordinator lantra456@gmail.com
Ms.W.W.T.J. Perera  Academic Coordinator perera.thilanka3@gmail.com
Mr. Cecil Pereira  Academic Coordinator chper@ou.ac.lk


Project Assistant

Ms. S.P. Anuradha Project Assistant (BYCD) spanu@ou.ac.lk 0112-881427 / Ext. 2402
Ms. G.V.K.S. Jayanath Project Assistant gvjay@ou.ac.lk
Ms. Chamodi Hewage Project Assistant (BYCD) phlak@ou.ac.lk 0112-881033/ Ext. 2402
Ms.  R.M.S.M. Karunarathna Project Assistant rmkar@ou.ac.lk
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