Undergraduate Researchs – Department of Agricultural and Plantation Engineering




Internal supervisor

1 Development and storage study of low sugar mixed fruit RTS in plastic bottles Dr. NS Weerakkody
2 Knowledge and adaptation of recommended pesticide practices among crop farmers inMonaragalaDistrict, Sri Lanka Dr. S. Thrikawala
3 Development of anther culture technology for selected capsicum varieties Dr. AGB Aruggoda
4 Effect of partially burnt paddy husk as supplementary source of potassium Prof. CS de Silva
5 Effect of plant growth regulators and de-topping on auxiliary shoot formation of Draceanareflexa
Of India
Dr. HKLK Gunasekara
6 Evaluate the effect of different mulching material on growth of ginger in the low country intermediate zone Prof. CS de Silva
7 Evaluate the effect of superabsorbent polymer on black pepper Piper nigrumnursery management under various irrigation regime Prof. CS de Silva
8 Cryopreservation of banana variety “Embul” Musa accuminateaAAB using vitrification and pre growth dehydration techniques Ms. SG Chandrasekara
9 Evaluation of AI conception rate of jersey crossbred cows in relation to body condition scores and time of AI in Panduwasnuwara area. Mr. PK de Mel
10 Quality  retain of croton cuttings by treating fertilizer & fungicide Mr. PK de Mel
11 Development of low sugar and non preservative RTS beverage glass bottle Dr. N. Weerakkody
12 Evaluation of mechanical transplanting with seedling  broadcasting ,random  broadcasting method Dr. S. Thrikawala
13 Estimation of agrochemical cost of potato cultivation process and it’s share to the total cost in Nuwaraeliya agricultural instructor zone Dr. S. Thrikawala
14 Testing antimicrobial activity of selected plant extract on plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi Dr. AGB Aruggoda
15 Evaluation of resistant developing Cyperusiriafor MCPA in paddy cultivation Prof. CS de Silva
16 Evaluation of performance of short duration rice varieties in order to avoid drought period in Ampara district Prof. CS de Silva
17 Formulation of energy bar with desiccated coconut chips Ms. HMUN Herath
18 Analysis of protein and oil content of manufactured in different sources Dr. N. Weerakkody
19 Developing a strategy to endorse agricultural direct marketing for small scale vegetable famers in Sri Lanka Ms. HMUN Herath
20 Identification of the relationship between yield of Gherkin (cucumissativus) treasure seeds according to the soil pH levels and fertilizer application (N,P,K) in the selected areas Ms. SG Chandrasekara
21 The farmers knowledge on the safe and effective use of pesticide Dr. S. Thrikawala
22 An identification keys to the Abutilon Species of family malvaceae Dr. AGB Aruggoda
23 Study on climate factors affecting sugarcane smut disease distribution in Sri Lanka Mr. PK de Mel
24 Management of botrytis blight of tomato in polytonal by cultural biological control agents safe chemicals Dr. AGB Aruggoda
25 Cryopreservation of in-vitro banana variety pulathisi (Musa Spp – AABB) by droplet freezing vitrification Ms. SG Chandrasekara
26 Study of causal factors for export rejections of fresh vegetables on selected companies for the countries of European union Mr. PK de Mel
27 Controlling shoot and fruit borer in brinjal by using organic insecticide Dr. HKLK Gunasekara
28 Evaluation of TesminaliaCatappaFruit pericarp to use as natural food colorant Dr. N. Weerakkody
29 Investigation of most suitable fertilizer mixture to increase growth and following frequency of anthurium Dr. HKLK Gunasekara
30 Effect of media in growth and rooting in vitro grown orchids dendrobium Dr. HKLK Gunasekara
31 Evaluation of exotic pumpkin hybrids with local pumpkin IL Zone Ms. SG Chandrasekara
32 Determine the effects of neem seed & leaf extract on the mortality & repellency of white fly Dr. AGB Aruggoda
33 Identification key for the species of genus ludwigia based on seed morphology Dr. AGB Aruggoda
34 Find high quality productivity of rooting procedure for Dracaena godsoffianasurculosa and Gold sapher Dr. HKLK Gunasekara
35 How to retain the quality of Cordyline cutting in propagation by treating selected fertilizer and fungicide Mr. P.K.De Mel
36 Product development of mosquito repellent Ms. HMUN
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