Sports and Facilities

The OUSL firmly believes in building character through intelligence and recreation. Thus the university offers a wide array of sporting facilities for its staff. The OUSL also has a dynamic Sports Club driven the by the initiatives of its own staff. This club with a rich sporting history of 28 years spearheads all the sports activities of the university. Some of the popular games in the country are part of the OUSL’s sports facilities. Among them are:Sports facilities:

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom


Sri Lanka’s most popular sport is offered to the OUSL staff in the two popular formats in the country: a) softball cricket b) professional cricket. For further details please contact Mr. Mahesh Samarawickerema on Ext 479.

OUSL Cricket Achievements

  • Sri Lanka State Services Cricket Association B Division: 2013 Winners
  • presently selected to play in the prestigious A Division of the same tournament


The OUSL team won the following awards:

  • Sri Lanka Government Services Sports Society All Island Sports Festival 2009 – Runners Up
  • Sri Lanka Government Services Sports Society All Island Sports Festival 2010 – Winner

Table Tennis

For details as to how to participate please contact Prof. Rohan Fernando on Ext 451.

OUSL Sports Club

This club organizes dynamic sports activities for the benefit of the university. The Office Bearers of the OUSL Sports Club for the year 2014 are:

  • President: Mr Chuminda Binduhewa
  • Vice President: Prof Rohan Fernando & Mr. Mahesh Samarawickrema
  • Secretary: Mr. Akalanka Liyanaarachchi & Mr. Nihal Kithsiri
  • Chief Organiser: Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri

Facilities of the OUSL Sports Club:

  • Professional cement turf and nets for cricket practices
  • A special room for Carrom players and tournaments


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