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B.Sc. Degree programme is designed to contribute towards raising the general educational standards of the public by providing an opportunity for higher education in Science. This programme facilitates those already employed in the field, and late developers to acquire a B.Sc. degree in their own time at an affordable cost. It specifically aims to:

(a) provide an opportunity for persons to obtain a Science Degree and thereby improve their promotional/career prospects

(b) enable, particularly those already employed in the field, late developers, and those who could not avail themselves of higher education at the end of their secondary school career to obtain a degree

(c) enable any person to pursue a degree course in Science in their own time at an affordable cost

(d) combine courses within and outside the Faculty to suit a student’s interest or job requirements.

The mode of delivery of the programme is based on Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methods. It is different to the conventional study system most students are familiar with. Student learning is facilitated through carefully prepared printed course material suitable for self learning. Printed course materials are supplemented with audio, visual and online learning material.

Faculty of Natural Sciences offers courses at different Levels. Degree level courses are at Level 3, 4, 5 & 6. The Level 3-5 is comparable with the General Degree programme of the conventional university system, while Level 3- 6 represents a special Degree programme. The medium of instruction is English. However, Level 3 courses can be offered in Sinhala, English or the Tamil Medium. The Faculty of Natural Sciences has five departments of study: Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, Physics, Zoology, which offer range of discipline-based courses.

The B.Sc. programme offers courses at Levels 3, 4 and 5/6, equivalent to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the B.Sc. Degree programme of a conventional university. Depending on the qualifications, a student can choose three disciplines from Botany, Chemistry, Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Computer Science, Physics or Zoology for the B.Sc. Degree.

Orientation sessions of the B.Sc degree Programme – 2021-2022

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Undergraduate Programme
Conducted by :
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Programme duration :
Minimum three years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, Physics and Zoology.

(a) Minimum of pass grades in three (03) disciplines from Foundation in Science/ Certificate in Science/ Foundation Courses offered by the University, acceptable for the selection of the three (03) disciplines at Level 3, or

(b) Minimum of three (03) pass grades at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in three (03) Science subjects ( Applied Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Combined Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Pure Mathematics, Zoology, Agriculture Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ) acceptable for the selection of three (03) disciplines at Level 3, or

Minimum of three (03) Pass grades on combination of the above (a) and (b), or

An equivalent or higher qualification acceptable by the Senate.

Issuing of Applications (Online) :
    14th November 2021
Closing Date for Applications :
   28th February 2022
Programme commencing dates :

Local Students

Application fee LKR 350

The programme fee cover the following components: Registration Fee , Sports Club Fee , Facilities Fee, Refundable Lab Deposit, Library Facilities Fee and Tuition Fees. Visit for more details.


Overseas Students
Tuition Fee : US$ 10,170*
 *: In addition to the above fee, are fundable deposit of US$ 1000 will be charged from the foreign students before the registration.  

Address :
Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Natural Sciences The Open University of Sri Lanka Nawala, Nugegoda
Contact :
011 288 1284
Email :

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