Short Course in Computerized Accounting (Online)-KSC

The Short Course in Computerized Accounting aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in Accounting to the candidates. The primary focus of this course is giving an insight into various business transactions, how these transactions are recorded by business entities and preparation of final accounts in a computerized business environment in an efficient and effective manner.

Course Content

  • Introduction of Computerized Accounting Systems
  • Personalized QuickBooks Training Sessions on your Actual Company File
  • Software installation Quick Book 2010/2013 and latest version ; System Requirements
  • Introduction of other related Accounting Software in the Market
  • Setting up Your Company Properly
  • Creating Your Chart of Accounts
  • General Ledger and
  • Company Creation ; New and Existing Business
  • Create the Opening Ledger Balances
  • Create the Opening Credit Balances
  • Create the Opening Debtor Balances
  • Create the Opening Equity Balance
  • Create the Opening Inventory Balances
  • Create the New Creditors, Debtors and Inventory Items.
  • How to Properly Record Accruals and pre-payments
  • Sales (Credit/Cash & Cheque)
  • Purchases (Credit /Cash & Cheque)
  • Payments
    • Payments for Credits
    • Petty Cash Payments
    • Other Payments
  • Receipts
    • Receipt from Debtors (Cash & Cheque)
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of Pay role
  • Editing & Deleting of the above all functions
  • Create the Reports for above all the functions
  • Create Final Accounts
  • Report Generation and Exporting
  • Audit Trial
  • System Backup & Restoration
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements
Programme Code :
Programme Category :

Short Programme -(CERC Project)

Conducted by :
Kalutara Study Center
Programme Duration :

Four (03) Months (Weekends)
(Coursework- 15 weeks and Project Report- 02 weeks)

Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Computerized Financial Accounting
Medium :
English / Sinhala


Entrance is open for anyone over 18 years of age who has six (06) passes at the G.C.E (O/L) examination or one year work experience and who wants the best start for a successful career in Office Management. Applications are also encouraged from people who may have been away from formal education for some time, but who have relevant experience in the field. In additions, undergraduates who registered to the Bachelor of Management Studies Honours degree programme of the Open University of Sri Lanka, can also join to this short course in order to get knowledge in a computerized Accounting.

Issuing of Applications :
 02nd  March 2022
Closing Date for Applications :
  02nd  April 2022
Programme commencing date :

  2nd Week of April 2022

Application & Bank paying slip can be obtained from the office in the Kalutara Study Centre. Kindly return the filled application & Bank paying slip (university copy) to the office of the Kalutara Study Centre. (Open on Tuesday to Saturday)

Course fee for a student will be Rs. 10,000 /= (Per head)

Expected intake is 20 students per batch.

More details can be obtained on  034 2223 399 / 034 2223 286

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