Short Course in Academic Writing (Online Asynchronous)

The Short Course in Academic Writing has been designed with the objective of meeting the growing need for improving academic writing skills amongst students in higher education. The course stands out amongst others of its kind as all teaching will happen asynchronously. The students have the freedom to complete class work at their convenience and submit it to Google Classroom by a specified deadline. The work will be graded by an experienced panel of markers and feedback will also be provided via the learning platform. The asynchronous delivery mode aims to reach students from low resource areas outside of city areas.

Aims and Objectives

Conventions of academic writing needed in higher education
Rhetorical conventions needed when writing for various discourse communities
Grammar skills for successful academic writing
Reading and writing strategies necessary for higher education
Collaborative and independent research on different topics
Producing writing by synthesizing the knowledge gained through research
Developing an argument on a given topic
Presenting ideas in an organized and structured manner
Analytical skills needed for academic writing
Critical reading and thinking skills needed to develop a sound argument

Course Overview

The course has three major writing projects and students must submit all of them to complete the course and obtain their certificate. All three major writing projects as well as the minor tasks must be submitted by the due date listed on the syllabus. All submissions will be graded and feedback will be provided within four days of submission.

Project One: Rhetorical Analysis of a Text· A rhetorical analysis of a non-fiction text such as an article, documentary, a speech,video clip, website, an advertisement of their choice.

Project Two: Report on Opposing Arguments· Students will choose a topic that they familiar with and relevant to their social context, conduct research on it and report information related to different stances on it.

Project Three: Building an Argument· Students will build their own argumentative essay on a selected controversial topic.

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Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Short Programme
Conducted by :
Post Graduate Institute of English
Programme Duration :
3 months
Medium :
Delivery: :
Online asynchronous (teaching and learning will happen through Google Classroom with no face-to-face meetings)

A Credit Pass for English Language at the G.C.E. O/L exam


A Simple Pass for General English at the G.C.E. A/L exam


An equivalent qualification

Issuing of Applications :
Now Open
Closing Date for Applications :
31st January  2024
Programme commencing date :
01st February  2024

Please make sure that you have the proof of payment ready before logging in to the Google Form.

Local Students   – 30,000 LKR (Single Installment)

International Students
– 200 USD
non-SAARC – 300 USD


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Branch code: 174

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Postgraduate Institute for English (PGIE)
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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