Research Methodology in Education

This short course, which will be conducted in Sinhala, Tamil and English, will enable research students to develop an inquiry-based research-oriented frame of mind. The specific objectives of the course are:

  • To update their knowledge on research designs, types of research, methods of data collection and strategies used for analysis of data
  • To provide hands-on experience with regard to key areas of research methodology
  • To apply research skills to improve effectiveness of their day-to-day activities in educational institutions.

Twelve (12) activity-based workshops will be used as the strategy for conducting this course. Workshops will be conducted only during weekends. This course will be offered in the Sinhala, Tamil and English medium. However, the minimum student number will be 25 for each media.

The contents of the Short Course

  1. Research Designs and their Implications for a Research
  2. Identifications of Research Problems and Formulating Objectives, Questions, Hypothesis
  3. Process of Educational Research
  4. Action Research
  5. How to Conduct a Literature Review
  6. How to Write a Research proposal
  7. Developing Research Instruments for a Research
  8. Analysis of Qualitative Data
  9. Analysis of Quantitative Data
  10. SPSS Package
  11. Data Triangulation, Presentation and Interpretation
  12. Writing a Research Report

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Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Short Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Secondary and Tertiary, Faculty of Education
Programme Duration :
Minimum 03 months
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Personnel engaged in the field of education,with a first degree.


A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline

Issuing of Applications :
Closing Date for Applications :
Programme commencing date :

Course fee: Rs. 20,000.00

Mrs. Nayanee Rathnayaka – Lecturer,
Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education,
Faculty of Education.
Tel. 0112884398 / 0702986860

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