Workshop on “Procurement Planning”

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of the Open University of Sri Lanka holds a workshop on Procurement Planning

Beyond its typical academic role, MSc in Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management programme contributes to creating a platform for discussing the importance of public procurement and supply chain management in both the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka. Efficient and transparent public procurement is crucial for the effective functioning of governments. It ensures that public funds are used responsibly, promotes fair competition among suppliers, and contributes to economic development. The unique selling proposition (USP) of this programme is the combination of public procurement and supply chain management with practical discussions with industry experts. More importantly in Sri Lanka at the moment there is a debate within society on public procurement aligned with, corruption, lack of competition, and complex regulations. In the context of public procurement, ensuring good governance is crucial to prevent corruption, promote fairness, and achieve value for money. Implementing transparent and accountable procurement practices contributes to overall good governance within a country or organization. All stakeholders in the country must address these challenges to ensure the effectiveness of public procurement processes. To address this problem the Faculty of Management Studies plans to organize a series of workshops with procurement specialists in Sri Lanka. The first workshop was conducted with industry experts, professionals, and academics in procurement and supply chain under the theme of ‘Procurement Planning’ on 25th January 2024, at the Water’s Edge Battaramulla. The learning partners for the MSc in Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management also actively participated in the event.

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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