The MSc in Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management has been crafted with the expertise of industry and academic specialists. This will help learners to gain a depth of understanding in the field of Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management . You can find all the details of the courses her.


Continuing  Education Courses
AFE3201 Micro and Macro Economics
AFE3202 Fundamentals of Accounting
OSE3203 Principles of Management
SLQL 9  Year 1
OSP9361 Principles and Practices of Public  Procurement
OSP9362 Procurement Planning
OSP9363 Procurement Decision Making
MMP9364 Logistics and Transportation
MMP9365 Sourcing in Supply Chain Management
OSP9366 Contract Management
AFP9367 Managing Inventories
MMP9368 Networks and Coordination
MMP9369 Supply Chain Operations and Sustainability
HRP9370 Managing the Selection and Employment of consultants
SLQL 10 Year 2
AFPA361 Project Management
AFPA362 Public Accounting and Finance
MMPA395 Research Methods
MMPA262 Project – Industrial Training Report
Elective Courses (*two courses should be selected)
MMPA263 Public Private Partnerships
HRPA264 Human Resource Management
HRPA265 Globalization and Change Management
OSPA266 Construction Procurement
OSPA267 Sustainable Public Procurement
OSPA268 Strategic Management
MMPAF96 Dissertation

Duration – 2 Years
Medium – English
Mode of Delivery – Hybrid

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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