Master of Science in Nursing (MSc N) Degree

The Master of Science in Nursing degree  programme is offered as a SLQF Level 10 qualification with a minimum of two academic years (60 credits).  There will also be an exit point at SLQF Level 9 with Master of Nursing (MN) qualification with a minimum of one academic year (30 credits).

Overseas applicants are welcome’! Open for international students!

Programme Objectives

  • Enhance knowledge and skills required for advancing the nursing practice, enabling appropriate judgments and problem-solving towards providing quality care.
  • Develop communication skills, critical thinking and practical/technical skills for the effective management of nursing care and achieve desirable patient outcomes.
  • Develop advance research skills to promote evidence-based practice.
  • Improve teamwork and leadership skills essential for an effective member of the health care team and to play a leadership role to achieve quality outcomes of patient care.
  • Inculcate favourable attitudes to work with professionalism to achieve desired healthcare outcomes.
  • Establish adaptability and flexibility among nurses to meet the challenging health care needs of the emerging society.
  • Produce scholars in nursing who can integrate the knowledge of theory and research to advance the field of nursing.

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Post Graduate Degree Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
Programme duration :
Minimum 2 years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :

The candidate should have one of the following qualifications:

• A Bachelor’s Degree of SLQF Level 5 in Nursing, or
• A qualification of SLQF Level 6 or above in Nursing, or
• An equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate,


• Based on the selection test and/ or an interview

Issuing of Applications:
Closing Date for Applications :
Programme commencing Date :

Local Students

Application Fee: Rs. 1500.00
Tuition Fee: Rs. 2,82,000.00
First Year Installments: 1st Installment 60% of first-year Tuition fee
2nd  Installment 40% of first-year Tuition fee
Second Year Installments: 1st Installment 60% of Second-year Tuition fee
2nd  Installment 40% of Second-year Tuition fee
Registration Fee: Rs.  4000.00
Library (Refundable): Rs.  5000.00
Library Facility Fee: Rs.  200.00
Viva Voce Examination: Rs.  1000.00
Use of Computer Lab : Rs.  5000.00


Tuition Fee – Overseas Students


NGP9401 Theoretical Foundation of Advanced Nursing Practice 04 Credits
NGP9402 Quantitative Research Methods 04 Credits
NGP9403 Qualitative Research Methods 04 Credits
NGP9404 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Nursing 04 Credits
NGP9405 Health Care Management 04 Credits
NGP9306 Statistics for Evidence Based Nursing Practice 03 Credits
NGP9207 Health Policy – Local to Global 02 Credits
NGP9508 Independent Study 05 Credits
NGE9201 Nursing Master Orientation Seminar  (Not counted for GPA) 02 Credits
NGPA501 Nursing Master Advanced Seminar 05 Credits
NGPA502 Health Research Management 05  Credits
NGPAK03 Dissertation 20 Credits


Address :
 Head, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Contact :
 011 288 1325
Email :
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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