Ms R.L.A.N. Ranaweera

Senior Lecturer Grade II

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Central Campus, Room no 14, 1st floor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: +94112881057, Ext: 557


Areas of Specialization:

Gender and Literature, Migrant writing, English for Legal Studies

Research interests:

Migrant Writing, popular culture, Gender and Literature



Programme Coordination:

English for General Academic purposes


 1)A Study of the conflict between the forces of conformity and subversion in   Charlotte Bronte`s characterization.

                Journal of the faculty of Humanities Vol IX

                Faculty of humanities, University of Kelaniya

                Sri Lanka 2009


2)        Creating “A Feel of Home”: An Exploration of the Role of Migrant Women in “A Change of Skies” and “Bone China.”

Abstract published and Paper presented at the 7th conference of the Sri Lanka Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies. June 2013


3) Blurred Centres and Peripheries: Expatriate issues in Yasmine Gooneratne’s A Change of Skies

Abstract published and Paper presented at the Second International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences. December 2013

4) Demons and Religion, Chaos Back Home: An Exploration of “If The Moon Smiled” as an Expatriate Novel.


             5) Extended Abstract published and Paper presented at the Annual Academic Sessions 2013,  The Open University of Sri Lanka, November 2013.


                           6)    “Modern –yet-Modest”: A survey of the role of Gauri in

                                Mulk Raj Anand’s novel   The Old Woman And The Cow

                                Paper published in VISTAS journal, The Open University of Sri Lanka


ƒ??                     7) "Chain -Stores and the Mother-Cook: Migrant Mothers against consumerism

                         The 7th Annual International Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics 2018

                         Singapore . 

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