Ms. N.A.M.R.Senaviratna

Ms. N.A.M.R.Senaviratna

Ms. N.A.M.R.Senaviratna

B.Sc. (University of Sri Jayewardenepura)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
3rd floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : W5

Tel : 0112881443 (443)

E-Mail :


I have been working as a lecturer since 2011 in the department of Mathematics & Computer Science of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. I graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura with First Class (Hons) in B.Sc Special degree in Statistics and reading for the Master of Science degree in the University of Moratuwa.


Course Co-ordination

PCU2142/PSU2182/PSZ4130/PCE4142- Design & Analysis of Experiments , APU3141- Linear Programming , APU3143 -Mathematical Methods, APU3240-Numerical Methods, APU3251-Project in Pure/Applied Mathematics, APU3145- Newtonian Mechanics II, APU3146-Operational Research, APU3147-Statistical Inference, APU3150-Fluid Mechanics, APU3244-Graph Theory, AMU3185- Electromagnetic Theory & Special Relativity, AMU3186- Quantum Mechanics

  Area of Specialization     Applied Statistics

  Research Interests     Design & Analysis of Experiments, Operations Research, Regression Analysis, Linear Programming

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