Master of Energy Management (MEM)

The programme has been extended till 31st January 2024

Sustainable power generation and utilization have become critical global issues, especially in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuel reserves and global environmental impacts. With the sharp increase in demand for electricity in domestic as well as commercial and industry sectors, Sri Lanka has to seriously pay attention to sustainable generation and use of energy to alleviate unfavorable impacts.

Many countries employ qualified personnel as Energy Managers and Energy Auditors to deal with energy-related problems in organizations. Recognizing the importance of this sector and keeping with international trends, the Energy Auditing was recognized in Sri Lanka as a profession by the Government through a Gazette notification (No. 1715/12 July 20, 2011) published under the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) Act No. 35 of 2007. According to the gazette regulations clear career development paths for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors have been established and SLSEA provides national accreditation for these two positions on the basis of specific training undertaken and experience gained on energy management and auditing.



  • Energy and Environment (2 Cr)
  • Thermal Energy Utilities (4 Cr)
  • Electrical Energy Utilities (4 Cr)
  • HVAC and Building Lighting (4 Cr)
  • Renewable Energy Technology (4 Cr)
  • Energy Policy and Planning (1 Cr)
  • Energy Management and Auditing (3 Cr)
  • Combined Energy Systems for Efficient Energy Use (2 Cr)
  • Research Project (5 Cr)
  • Planning and Implementation of Energy Projects (2 Cr)
  • Financial Management (3 Cr)
  • Human Resource for Energy Sector (1 Cr)


  • First Study Programmes of this type in Sri Lanka
  • More face to face classes and group activities in the form of mini projects/case studies
  • A Energy audit project in the industry
  • Two online courses delivered by the experts abroad
  • Affordable cost
  • A Qualification by a recognized state University
Programme Code :


Programme Category :
Post Graduate Programme
Conducted by :
Department of Mechanical Engineering , Faculty of Engineering Technology
Programme duration :
01 year (2 Semesters)
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :

• A Bachelors Honors Degree in Engineering in the specializations of Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering of at least 120 SLQF credits obtained from a recognized university, or
• A Bachelors Honors Degree in Engineering of at least 120 SLQF credits obtained from recognized university in any other specialization and one year post qualifying experience in the relevant field, or
• A Bachelors Degree in Science of at least 90 SLQF credits with Physics and Mathematics as subjects obtained from a recognized university, and two (02) years of post qualifying experience, or
• Any other qualification and experience acceptable to the OUSL Senate.

Submission of Online Applications : 01st December 2023
Closing Date for Applications : Extended till 31st January 2024
Programme Registration date:

Application fee – Rs 1,000.00

Fees can be paid in installments

Rs. 250,000 (payable in two installments)

Tuition Fee – Overseas Students

Dr. S.D.R. Perera

Program Academic Coordinator
Tele:    +94 (0) 714421887

Program Coordinator
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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