Bachelor of Science Honours in Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Admission Requirements

• Obtained passes in the subjects, Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination, Sri Lanka, in one & the same sitting, or
• Obtained the Advanced Certificate in Science with courses in the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, offered by The OUSL, or
• Obtained a minimum three (3) credit (C) passes for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Cambridge/Edexcel Advanced Level Examination within three years, or
• Obtained an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate.

Curriculum for B.Sc. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering Specialization


Levels 3 and 4 Compulsory Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

DMX3401 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
DMX3302 Engineering Mechanics
DMX3203 Introduction to Engineering Materials
DMX3304 Applied Electronics
DMX3305 Introduction to Engineering Design Graphics
DMX3206 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
DMX3107 Workshop Practice
EEX3410 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
EEX3417 Software Development for Engineers
MHZ3551 Engineering Mathematics I
MHZ3552 Engineering Mathematics II
AGM3203 Communication Skills
MHZ4553 Engineering Mathematics III
DMX4201 Advanced Engineering Design Graphics
DMX4202 Applied Thermodynamics I
DMX4203 Applied Fluid Dynamics I
DMX4204 Machine Dynamics
DMX4205 Strength of Materials I
DMX4306 Design of Machine Elements
DMX4307 Electrical Machines and Drives
DMX4208 Automobile Technology
DMX4212 Manufacturing Engineering
EEX4436 Microprocessors and Interfacing
DMY4101 Group project (Mechanical Engineering)
AGM4307 Economics and Marketing for Engineers
DMW4801 Industrial Training (Mechanical -Diploma)

Levels 5, 6 and 7 Compulsory Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

DMX5201 Advanced Engineering Mechanics
DMX5302 Strength of Materials II
DMX5403 Control Systems Engineering
DMX5204 Materials Engineering
DMX5205 Applied Thermodynamics II
DMX5206 Applied Fluid dynamics II
DMX5307 Mechanical Engineering Design Project
MHZ5554 Engineering Mathematics IV
CVM5401 Accounting for Engineers
DMX6180 Research Methodology and Project Identification (Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering)
DMX6301 Industrial Engineering
DMX6302 Energy, Environment and Sustainability
DMM6601 Management for Engineers
DMW6801 Industrial Training (Mechanical -Undergraduate)
DMX7301 Thermal Power Generation
DMX7402 Analysis of Manufacturing Systems & Processes
DMY7880 Engineering Research Project (Mechanical)

Levels 5, 6 and 7 Elective Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

DMX5208 Automobile Engineering
DMX5209 Automotive Electronics
DMX5210 Vehicle Dynamics and Design of Automotive Components
DMX5211 Plant Maintenance
DMX5212 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
DMX6303 Nano Technology
DMX6304 Computational Fluid Dynamics
DMX7303 Control of Robotics Manipulators
DMX7304 Factory Automation
DMX7305 Renewable Sources of Energy

Course Fees for Students Academic – Year 2023-24


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