(Will be in operation after getting the UGC approval)

Master of Science in Data Science

With the advancement in digital infrastructure and accessibility the use of Internet is steadily growing with hundreds and thousands of people newly joining the Internet community. The activities done on the internet by these users leaves quintillion bytes of data each day. The development of Internet of Things (IoT) related activities further aggravates the data addition. Data itself cannot be used in raw form for any kind of decision making. The field of Data Science contains a vast array of concepts and techniques that can be utilized for the value addition for data. Therefore, the field of Data Science has become one of the most sorted fields of study at present. The Software Industry in Sri Lanka is heavily engaged with projects that involve the knowledge and technical knowhow in data science and have created a large number of job opportunities. The professionals who are working in this industry are in constant search and need of updating their knowledge as well as acquiring new skills with professional and academic certifications. In the meantime, they want to achieve all these while on employment. At the same time there are many young graduates who want to convert to the field of Data Science due to lucrative job opportunities. The proposed Master of Science in Data Science degree programme will pave a path way for those seeking to update the knowledge in the field of Data Science as well as for those who want to change into the field of Data Science with MSc level qualification. In addition, all these professionals seek the feasibility of doing their higher studies managing with their tight time factor while in employment.

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