Ms. Achinthya Koswatta


B.A. Hons Economics (Pera.) SL ,  Masters in Economics (Colombo) SL , Ph.D (Reading, Swinburne) Australia , Ph.D. Fellow - Visiting (United Nations University) Helsinki, Finland.

Social Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Colombo Regional Center, 1st Floor (Building No 14), Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: +94 (0) 112881300, Ext: 300



With the upbringing and exposure I was blessed with my various research degrees and experiences locally and internationally,  I have always had the interest to find why poor countries often stay poor and how these countries can catch up with the ladder of economic growth and development. My ongoing doctoral study aims to extend this debate to address more complex contexts for bringing sustainability into the developing world. In parallel,  I am keen to explore big data analytics and work with panel data in econometric modelling.


My current research explores how domestic institutions interact with international trade and economic growth in developing countries.

Areas of Specialization:

The Trade- Growth Nexus in Developing Countries

Research interests:

International Trade, Innovation, Institutions and the Macro Economic Analysis

Programme Coordination:

B.A in Social Sciences (Economics and Development Studies Stream)

Course Coordination:

DSU3531: Principles of Economics I,  DSU5337: Principles of Econometrics


Awarded the DVC Research Writing Award, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia 2022

Awarded the Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship, United Nations University, Helsinki, Finland – Spring 2022

Awarded the Doctoral Research Scholarship, AHEAD project of the World Bank 2019.

Awarded the Doctoral Research Fee Waiver Scholarship, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia 2019.


Koswatta, Achinthya, (2022), Can domestic institutions affect exports and innovation?: Mediation effects of institutional quality on manufacturing sector exports and innovation in developing countries, No wp-2022-83, WIDER Working Paper Series, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER),

Kollmann,T., Koswatta, A., Palangkaraya, A. and Webster,B. 2020. The Impact of Design Rights on Australian Firms. IP Australia Economic Research Paper 09.

Koswatta, A., Kollmann, T., Palangkaraya, A. and Webster,B. 2020. Valuing Designs: The Economic Impact of Design Rights in Australia. IP Australia Valuing Designs Report No 01.

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Koswatta, A. 2018. Currency Wars in Asia. Journal of Management Studies, Wayamba University Sri Lanka. Vol.9, Issue I.

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Koswatta, A. 2016. Public Spending and Economic Prosperity: Special Reference to Post Independence Sri Lanka. The Open University Annual Academic Sessions.

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