Health Sciences QA Cell

About the Quality Assurance Cell

The Quality Assurance (QA) Cell of the Faculty of Health Sciences, formulated as an integral component of the institutional QA system, seeks to strengthen the academic and administrative performance of the Faculty and promote measures for quality enhancement through internalization of a quality culture. The Faculty QA cell is guided by the QA framework of the University and the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of the OUSL.

The Faculty QA Cell consists of members from the Departments of Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmacy, Basic Sciences, Psychology & Counselling and the Health Education & Research of the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is headed by the Faculty Coordinator who represents the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Board of the IQAU.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Faculty QA Cell

  • Coordination of all QA related activities in the Faculty
  • Monitor progress of QA activities initiated by the Cell/Departments.
  • Share good practices across Departments
  • Obtain feedback from students/internal and external staff and other stakeholders on services / products, including the facilitation of student feedback surveys on day schools, peers, courses, online courses, laboratory sessions.
  • Provide analyzed results on feedback surveys to the Departments to facilitate incorporation of relevant findings to improve the performance.
  • Develop Faculty specific QA tools, guidelines and manuals
  • Conduct QA related awareness programmes among staff members.
  • Develop relationships and liaise with other QA cells of the University to share best practices
  • Collaborate with national and international agencies and universities on QA activities in consultation with the IQAU.
  • Prepare an annual work plan and obtain approval from the Board of Management of the IQAU, before the commencement of a calendar year
  • Report regularly on the QA activities at the Faculty Board meetings and at the IQAU meetings
  • Facilitate the implementation of QA reviews / monitoring follow-up action in the Departments

QA Activities

Annual Action Plan


Staff Development Activities


QA Research

  • The Validity of the Quality Assessment Tools used at The Open University of Sri Lanka – 2021.  Click here
  • Students’ Drop-Out Rates in Health Sciences Degree Programmes at The Open University Of Sri Lanka – 2022  Click here


Programme Review

  • Programme review is in progress for following degree programmes:

Bachelor of Science Honours in Nursing
Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science Honours

QA cell members contact details

Chairperson QA Cell / Faculty Coordinator, IQAU
Dr. H. M. C. J. Herath
Senior Lecturer Department of Psychology & Counselling
Email: Telephone: 0112881000 Ext:722

Representative/Department of Psychology
Dr. H. M. C. J. Herath
Senior Lecturer Department of Psychology & Counselling
Email: Telephone: 0112881000 Ext:722

Representative/ Department of Pharmacy
Ms. K.A.I.Priyangika Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of Pharmacy
Email: Telephone:0112881131 Ext: 720

Representative/ Department of Nursing
Ms. H.U.C. Nuwansala Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of Nursing
Email: Telephone

Representative/ Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Ms. Gayathri Rathnayake Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Email: Telephone: 0112881146 Ext: 646

Representative/ Basic Sciences
Ms. Dinithi De Silva Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of Basic Sciences
Email: Telephone:

Representative/ Health Education and Research
Ms. S. D. S. R. Karunarathne Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of Health Education and Research
Email: Telephone: 0112881000 Ext: 723

Ms. E. B. S. Samarakoon
Research Assistant QA Cell
Email: Telephone: 0112881355 Ext:355

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