Is BA in English & ELT an External Degree?

No. It is not. This is equal to any full-time English degree offered by any of the 14 national universities. The only difference is that you need not be a full time student to follow our degree. You can be employed and still follow this degree. We use a method called ODL or Open Distance Learning where you will learn through a combination of classes, audio-video-web , field visits and other modes of teaching.

Is BA in English & ELT a General Degree?

No it is not. Ours is a 4-year ‘Honours’ degree with a research component.

Why is it called BA in English & ELT?

This degree gives you exposure to two important disciplines in English in the modern world, namely English Literature (English) and English Language Teaching (ELT). Under English Literature you will study Literature in English of nearly 500-years and also how to teach Literature in English to students. Under ELT you will be exposed to the newest trends of English Teaching methodologies, research and other concerns. So this is a special degree covering two important fields involving the English Language.

Do I need to come for classes to follow the BA in English & ELT?

We give you the necessary text books for all your subjects. We also provide additional support for those subjects through audio, video and the web. You will have to attend a certain number of face-to-face or Zoom classes with your teachers (usually held during the weekends). We also expect you to do your independent reading and research at our Library as part of your studies. We also conduct field trips and also offer you classroom training as part of this degree. Being a student of this degree involves participating in all these activities. We call this system ODL – Open Distance Learning

Can I be employed as a government teacher after this degree?

Our degree is a special 4-year honours degree that combines the fields of Literature in English and ELT. You are also exposed to a teaching practicum as part of your studies in real classrooms. So you can work as a teacher anywhere with this degree. However, if you wish to enter a specific sector, be it state or private, we recommend that you study the employment criteria of that sector.

If I have a personal issue, like pregnancy, can I still follow this degree?

You can. Our degree is flexible. You can delay subjects, or final exams or you can event skip a year and still complete your degree.

I live abroad, can I still follow this degree?

You can, though this degree is designed for students living in Sri Lanka. But for some components, like classroom practicum, certain compulsory classes and even some examinations you might have to come to Sri Lanka. If you are a foreign student, the fee structure will be different for you.

Can I do a Master’s or PhD after completing the BA in English and ELT?

You can. Our BA provides a good foundation for a Master’s or a PhD programme. You can always join the Post Graduate Institute of English at OUSL for your postgraduate studies. PGIE also follows the ODL method of teaching.

I have good A/L results—can I join the BA in English and ELT?

If you have three A/L passes WITH English Literature as a subject then you can join the program.

What if I have O/L Literature? Can I join the BA in English and ELT?

If you have three A/L passes WITH English Literature as a subject then you can join the program. Your GCE O/L Literature will not count.

I have done London A/Levels— Can I join the BA in English and ELT?

Yes you can as long as you have three A/L passes WITH English Literature as a subject.

I have a Diploma in English? Can I join the BA in English and ELT?

Your Diploma has to be a 2-year Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language for you to join this program.

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