Mis. D.M.W. Munasinghe

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Mis. D.M.W. Munasinghe

B.A. (j.pura), PGDE (CMB), M.Ed.(CMB), M.Phil. (CMB)

Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education
3rd floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : W5

Research Publications

1. A study on error patterns in “Addition” in Primary school children (7 years old children) Published The Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (MRJER) 2. Paper presented - Do the Questioned asked by the teacher in the classroom Develop the thinking ability of Students? Royal Asiatic Society of SriLanka

Ongoing Research

1. A study on “factors affecting the non-completion of the Certificate in preschool Education Program (Member of the research team-on going research)

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