Dr. L.D. Kumarage

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

Kandy Regional Center, Kandy Regional Centre, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Polgolla

Office: 0812494495-7, Ext: Fax: 812494498

E-mail: ldkum@ou.ac.lk lakmini_kumarage@yahoo.com

I graduated from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, following a B. Sc. (Special Degree in Botany) in 2009 and I joined the Department of Botany, University of Peradeniya as a Temporary demonstrator. In 2011, I joined the Open University of Sri Lanka, Department of Botany as a Lecturer (Probationary) and serve the department for one year until I went for my higher studies. I was able to receive the Drawin Trust of Edinburgh scholarship for three years to peruse my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, UK and during my postgraduate studies I receive the Davis fund, which is offered from the University of Edinburgh to carry out the field work. After successful completion of my PhD I returned to country and currently serve as a Lecturer at the Kandy Regional Centre, The Open University of Sri Lanka.

Areas of Specialization:

Plant Molecular Phylogenetics, Plant Biogeography

Research interests:

Plant Molecular Phylogenetics, Plant Biogeography



Course Coordination:

Senior Coordinator BYU 4302 Systematics of Higher Plants and Animals


1. Darwin Trust Scholarship, University of Edinburgh, UK, to persue postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, UK 2012-201.

2. Davis Fund for field work, offered by Unievrsity of Edinburgh, UK, 2013.

3. Prof. M.D. Dassanayake gold medal for Botany for academic excellance, University of Peradeniya 2008/2009

4. Prof. M.D. Dassanayake cash prize for academic excellence, University of Peradeniya, 2006/2007.

5. University Award for Academic Excellence, University of Peradeniya.2008/2009.


 Journal articles: International

Moonlight, P.W., Ardi, W.H., Padilla, L.A., Chung, K., Fuller, D., Girmansyah, D., Hollands, R., Jara-Muñoz, A., Kiew, R., Leong, W., Liu, Y., Mahardika, A., Marasinghe, L.D.K., O’Connor, M., Peng, C., Pérez, A.J., Phutthai, T., Pullan, M., Rajbhandary, S., Reynel, C., Rubite, R., Sang, J., Scherberich, D., Shui, Y., Tebbitt, M.C., Thomas, D.C., Wilson, H.P., Zaini, N.H. and Hughes, M. Dividing and conquering the fastest-growing genus: Towards a natural sectional classification of the mega-diverse genus Begonia (Begoniaceae). Taxon. 2018,67(2), Pp 267-323.

Research abstracts: International

Poulsen, A.D., Mathisen, H.B., Newman, M., Ardiyani, M., Lofthus, Marasinghe, L.D.K. and Bjora, C.S.The distribution of the ginger genus Elettaria. 8th International Zingiberales Symposium, 23rd-25th July 2018.

Hughes, M., Kumarage, L.D., Mahardika, A. and Rubite, R. (2017) Asian Begonia biogeography tracks mountain-building and microplate tectonic movement. XIX International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, China, 23rd-29th July 2017.

Research abstracts: Local

Kumarage, L.D., Yakandawala, D., Phylogenetic relationship of the Genus Garcinia (Clusiaceae) present in Sri Lanka PURSE, Peradeniya University Annual Research Session-2009. Vol. 14. Part 1. Pp. 174-176.

Kumarage, L.D., Perera, G.A.D. and Karunaratne, A.M. 2010. A preliminary attempt to estimate the soluble fibre content in leafy vegetables using anatomical sections. Proceedings of the Peradeniya University Research Sessions, Sri Lanka. Vol.15. Pp. 17-19.


Ongoing Research:

The Biogeographic Affinities of the Sri Lankan Flora


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