Certificate of Completion in Computer Literacy

The Computer Literacy Programme delivered by the Regional Educational Services (RES) through the Elementary Computer Laboratories (ECL) had been successfully functioning for almost three decades. The computer literacy programme is an elementary programme that has been designed to enable persons interested in computer literacy to become users of computers.

Course Content

  • Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Using the operating system along with web browsing and communication
  • Word Processing
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database Management Systems

Application form                                 Bank paying voucher     


Note: When you are doing an online transaction, please send a valid receipt including the following details from the bank
Transfer Date
Reference No.
From :
To Account No. : The Open University of Sri Lanka
Amount : LKR 
Payment Mode :
Bank Name : Bank of Ceylon
Remark : Mention the name of the short course

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Short Programme
Approved by :
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology
Conducted by :
Regional Educational Services
Programme duration :
4 Months (Course Work-13 Week & Revision-02 Weeks)

No formal qualifications or prerequisites are required to follow the program. However, the ability to read and understand English is necessary. Students must be at least 16 years of age to follow the program. Students can register for the program at Regional and Study centres where ECLs are available. The students will be given the necessary self-study lesson material with provision for unrestricted computer practical time. Application forms are available at Regional/ Study centres of the University

How to apply:

Application form & Bank paying voucher can be downloaded from the website of the Open University.

Pay Rs. 7,500/= as the course fee, to any branch of Bank of Ceylon (BOC). Account No 7417821

Send the below mentioned documents through Registered post.

Duly filled application.
Paid Bank paying voucher
National Identity Card (N.I.C.) with photocopy
Original of your Birth Certificate with A4 size photocopy
Two copies of your recent photograph (Passport Size, Color)

to the following address of “Assistant Director, Colombo Regional Centre (CRC), The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala Nugegoda”.

You should further email soft copies of above-mentioned documents to crcsc@ou.ac.lk

Application open date:
  30th January 2024
Application closing date :
  02nd March 2024
Commencing date:
 02nd March 2024 

Course fee for a student will be Rs. 7,500 /= (Per head)

Please contact Regional/Study Centre using the contact details given in the following link: https://ou.ac.lk/contactsres/

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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