Bachelor of Industrial Studies Honours – Agriculture

Those who have obtained Diploma in Agriculture from any recognized institution are eligible to register for the BIS programme. The programme will complement the training obtained at the diploma level by providing in-depth training on important areas related to the discipline. The students will also be given six months of first-hand experience on research at one of the agricultural research stations in Sri Lanka. Through this research project they will be trained in proposal writing, conducting research on their own and presenting the findings and dissemination. Minimum duration for this programme is four (04) years and it is an Honors degree.

Programme Content
Agricultural Biology, Land and Soil Tillage Management, Postharvest Biology and Technology, Bio Statistics, Mathematics for Agriculture, Integrated Crop Protection, Soil and Water Conservation, Food & Nutrition, Crop Production and Farming Systems, Plant and Soil Science, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Soil Plant and Water Relationship, Farm Power and Machinery, Environmental Control in Farm Structures, Food processing, Post-Harvest Biology & Technology, Hydrology and Water Resources, Individual Project, Industrial Training (Agricultural)

Admission Requirements

• Obtained three (03) passes from Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Agriculture at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination, Sri Lanka in one & the same sitting, or
• Obtained a minimum three (3) credit (C) passes for Biology , Physics and Chemistry in Cambridge International/ Edexcel Advanced Level Examination, Within three years, or
• Obtained the Advanced Certificate in Science with courses in the disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry offered by the OUSL, or
• Obtained an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the OUSL Senate.

Curriculum for Bachelor of Industrial Studies (Agriculture)

Levels 3 and 4 Compulsory Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

AGI3450 Land and Soil Tillage Management
AGI3551 Agriculture Biology
AGI3552 Crop Production and Technology
AGI3553 Plant Protection
AGM3203 Communication Skills
AGM3354 Principles of Economics
MHZ3458 Mathematics for Agriculture
TAK3237 Introduction to Computer Applications
AGI4555 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
AGI4559 Food and Nutrition
AGI4460 Animal husbandry & Production
AGI4561 Postharvest Biology and Technology
AGI4362 Environmental Agriculture
AGX4356 Soil Science
AGM4363 Agricultural Marketing
MHZ4357 Applied Statistics
AGW4401 Specific Training I (Agriculture)


Levels 5 and 6 Compulsory Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

AGI5364 Farm Power and Machinery
AGI5166 Research Methodology
AGX5565 Soil Plant and Water Relationship
AGZ5367 Experimental Design
AGJ5368 Indigenous Knowledge of Herbal Products
AGW5401 Specific Training II (Agriculture)
AGX6478 Hydrology and Water resources
AGM6379 Agricultural Extension
AGJ6381 Rural Sociology
AGY6880 Individual Project (Agriculture)


Levels 5 and 6 Elective Courses

Courses (Revised Curriculum)

AGI5569 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
AEI5470 Food Microbiology
AGI5471 Animal Biology
AGI5572 Fisheries and Aquaculture
AGI5373 Agro-Forestry
AGI5274 Fruit Crop and Cut Flower Production
AGX5415 Horticulture and Landscape Technology
AGX5376 Crop Processing
AGX5277 Food Safety and Quality Management Systems
AGM5475 Economics and Management
AGI6582 Food Processing
AGI6585 Applications in Biotechnology
AGI6486 Field and Laboratory Techniques in Plant Protection
AGX6283 Ground Water and Resource management
AGX6284 Impacts of Climate Change on Water resource
AGX6387 Plantation Crop Technology
AGX6490 Soil and Water Conservation
AGX6377 Precision Agriculture

Course Fees for Students Academic – Year 2023-24


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