Bachelor of Arts Honors in Library and Information Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers the Degree of BA Hons (LIS) for the three year LIS Diploma holders. Library and Information Science is a multidisciplinary subject area that embraces managing knowledge resources for effective access. It deals with acquiring information resources according to the scope of the library, organizing them using different methodologies and existing technology, analyzing the contents of the resources and embedding its meta data into bibliographic formats for easy retrieval, providing access to resources using robust technology- based platforms, establishing integrated access to information across persons, institutions and systems for establishing integrated access to information, and preserving the materials for future use. Therefore, well trained and competent professionals are required to run different types of libraries and to manage information systems for the purpose. Objectives of the degree program are:

  • to develop managerial and administrative competencies and skills that are necessary to establish, maintain and run libraries
  • to provide technical knowledge and training on information systems, access systems, related software and emerging technologies
  • to develop research skills for service development
  • to upgrade their professional competencies to international standard
  • to inculcate professional ethics and conduct in LIS field

Programme Code :
BA Hons (LIS)
Programme Category :
Undergraduate Programme
Conducted by :
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mode of Delivery:
Distance Mode using printed course materials

• Completion of three (03) year Diploma (60 Credits) in LIS from a recognized professional or educational institution, or
• An equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate of the OUSL.

Issuing of Applications :
  01st October 2023
Closing Date for Applications :
 Extended till 30 November 2023
Programme commencing date :

Non-Tuition Fee

Application Fee  :        Rs. 500.00
Registration Fee :       Rs. 500.00
Facilities Fee       :       Rs. 2500.00
Laboratory Fee    :      Rs. 1000.00
Library Facility Fee :  Rs. 100.00

Tuition Fee

1st year – 1800 x 34 = 61,200.00 / 100 x 60 + 4,100.00 (Non tuition fee)
(Students need to pay only 60% of tuition fee + non tuition fee as a 1st installment)
2nd year – 1800 + 10% x 30 + 4,100 (Non tuition fee)
Total Credits for Level 5 & 6 is 64 (Rs.1800.00 per credit)

The fees may be subject to change in subsequent years.
*60% of the course fee should be paid at registration.


Tuition Fee – Overseas Students


This Undergraduate programme is administered by the Information Studies Unit of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Contact the coordinator.

Address :
The Coordinator, Information Studies Unit,
Library, The Open University of Sri Lanka, P.O.Box 21, Nawala, Nugegoda.
Contact :
Email :

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