Short Course on Research Methodology in Education


Bachelor of Laws – Final Examination (Level 5 & 6 ) 2017/2018

LEVEL 5 AND 6 STUDENTS The grades of the students who failed to obtain the minimum OCAM (40) and were awarded a grade C-, D+, D or E and those who have failed to sit the final examination of a course for two consecutive years shall be reversed to Grade “F” (repeat) for Registration, purpose.

Bachelor of Technology – Electrical Engineering


Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education


Degree of Bachelor of Laws- Final Examination 2017/18 (Level 3 & 4)

Dear LLB Students, A system error has been detected in the processing of the Final Examinations grades of the courses LLU3502 and LLU3904 in the Bachelor of Laws programme. Therefore, already published results of these courses are withdrawn and the corrected results would be released as early as possible. Regret any inconveniences caused. SAR Examination

Bachelor of Management Studies Honours – Final Examination 2018/2019


Diploma in English Language & Literature Selection Test Results 2019/2020

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