Department of

Dr. Gayan .D. Illeperuma

Ph.D. (col), B.Sc. (Hons) comp. Physics (second class upper), B.I.T. (second class upper), Charted Physist

Senior Lecturer - Grade II

Department of Physics

I currently work as a senior lecturer at the department of physics, OUSL. I got my Ph.D. from the University of Colombo.

I like to teach others. I also like to invent new things.
I believe in inter deciplinary research. My research is not limited to physics. They vary from studying animal behaviors to predicting the share market.

Artificial Intelligence, Electronics

Bio-mimicry, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, STEM education and Interdisciplinary research and inventions
  • Former Research Scientist at Industrial Technology Institute ( CISIR)
  • Visiting Lecturer at the University of Colombo.

Coordinator, Neo-Sapce innovation fab lab, OUSL

Director, Industrial Liasion Center, OUSL

PHU4303: Mathematical Methods for Physics
PHU4301: Electronics
PHU6304: Advanced Electronics

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  • A novel method to remove reflection in camera images ( LK/P/1/15122 )
  • Pending : Portable electronic device for sensory substitution to aid visually (LKP116801)
  • Pending “Method for transformation of homogeneous surfaces to touch screens using time difference of arrival in acoustic signals” (LK/P/1/18437)
  • Gold medal for the best innovation in the field of communication and entertainment, Sahasak Nimewum , National Invention and Innovation Exhibition- 2015 for low cost touch screen technology
  • Silver medal for the innovation in the field of making the disabled independent, National Invention and Innovation Exhibition- 2014, for “sensory substitution vision for visually disabled”
  • Susewabhimaani National award ,2015
  • 2nd runner up 3MT thesis competition, Organized by SLAYS


  • Member, Institute of Physics Sri Lanka (IPSL)
  • Member: Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS)