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Diploma in Natural Resources and Ecotourism

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) introduced the Diploma in Natural Resources and Ecotourism Programme in the Academic year 2016/ 2017. The aim of the programme was to create an awareness of the importance of Natural Resources and how Ecotourism Management contributes to conserving our natural resources


Aims of the Programme
•  To create an awareness on the importance of managing natural resources and how the application of ecotourism concepts contributes to conserving natural resources in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world.
• To make available a basic course in Natural Resources and Ecotourism management to persons interested and/or engaged in Ecotourism, Natural resources and Biodiversity Conservation and Management activities.
• To provide an academic recognition to persons with skills-based knowledge in ecotourism.


This is the Programme for you, if you are

  1. Planning to start your own Ecotourism Business
  2. Already in the business, but don’t understand the concepts
  3. Just interested in increasing your knowledge base on natural tourism and natural resources management in Sri Lanka

Programme Code : DR
Programme Category : Diploma Programme
Conducted by: Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Programme duration : Minimum 01 Year
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :

Diploma in Natural Recourses and Ecotourism  involves courses related
to diversity of Living Organisms, ecological Assessment  of Habitats Environment,
Society and Culture in Sri Lanka, natural Resources, Biodiversity and Wildlife
Conservation in Sri Lanka, Environmental  Communication and Interpretation,
Concepts and Practices in Eco-tourism, Environmental Policies of Sri Lanka
and a compulsory research project.

• Passed G.C.E. (A/L) Examination with three (03) subjects in any number of sittings, or

• Pass any Foundation Level Courses offered by the OUSL, or

• Successfully completed the Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management or Certificate in Environmental Sciences conducted by the OUSL, or

• Any other qualification acceptable to the OUSL Senate.

Online Applications :
  06th September 2022
Closing Date for Applications :
  Extended till 10th October 2022 
Programme commencing date :

Online Application Fee – LKR. 500/

Tuition Fee (per credit)  : LKR. 1,240.00 (Total 30x 1,240.00 =  LKR. 37,200.00) 
Facility  Fee                       : LKR. 2,500.00
Registration Fee               : LKR.    500.00
Library Facilities Fee      : LKR.    100.00
Tuition fees are charged in two installments.  1st installment – 60% ( at the registration) and 2nd installment 40%
Other fees (Registration fee, facility fee, and Library facilities fee) are charged in full at the registration.
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Contact Details

This Diploma in Natural Recourses and Ecotourism   programme is conducted by the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Saminda Fernando  ( Head/ Department of Zoology)
Dr. D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka ( Program Coordinator)
Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala.
Contact: 011 288 1488, 0112881446
Email :
Dr. Saminda Fernando
Dr. D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka
Contact Programme Coordinator

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