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Management Information systems(MIS)


With this course students can cover the following areas:

Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Systems in the Enterprise – Major Types of Systems in Organizations, Information Systems, Organizations, Management, and Strategy, The Digital Firm: Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce, Ethical and Social Issues in the Digital Firm, IT Infrastructure and Platforms, Organizing Data in a Traditional File Environment, telecommunications and Networking in Today’s Business World, The Internet, Technologies, and Tools For Communication and E-Business, The Wireless Computing Landscape, M-Commerce and Mobile Computing, System Vulnerability, and Abuse, Security, and Control, Enterprise Applications and Business Process Integration, Managing Knowledge in The Digital Firm, Intelligent Techniques Used in MIS, Decision Making and Decision-Support Systems, Redesigning the Organization With Information Systems -BPR and Process Improvement, Overview of Systems Development, Alternative Systems-Building Approaches, Understanding, The Business Value of Systems, Managing Change and Implementation, Managing International Information Systems, Technology Challenges of Global Systems.

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