Department of

Ms. Wasana C. Uduwela

B.Sc (MIT) (University of Kelaniya), M.Phil (University of Kelaniya)

Senior Lecturer (Gr. II)

Dept. of Computer Science

I obtained my first degree in Management and Information Technology with second class upper from the Department of Industrial Management at University of Kelaniya in April 2008. After graduation I worked in the private sector as an Associate Software Engineer and Business Analyst for a short period. Prior to joining the department I was attached to the Management Faculty in University of Sri Jayewardenepura. I joined the department of Mathematics and Computer Science as a lecturer in 2009.

Software Engineering

Computer Aided Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing

B. Sc. Degree Programme

Course Coordination: CPU2140, CPU3146, CPU3147, CPU3148, CPU3149

  1. W. Uduwela and R. Wickramarachchi. (2008) Quality Assurance Framework for B2C E-Commerce Websites. 8th Annual Research Symposium 2008, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Awards, Scholarships