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Mrs. W.A. Yamuna Chandrani

B.Sc (Sri Jayawardenapura), M.Sc ( Colombo), M.phil (OUSL), PG diploma in Education (OUSL), M.I. Biol (SL)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

Department of Zoology

Fish biology & fish nutrition

Fish Biology, Analysis of Fatty acid profiles & Proximate composition , heavy metal contents in different fish species.
  • Senior lecturer- 2006 to date -Department of Zoology, The Open university of Sri Lanka
  • Educational Assistant- 1989-2006 -Department of Zoology, The Open University of Sri Lanka
  • Demonstrator- 1988-1989- Department of Zoology, University of Sri Jayawardenepura

Programme Coordination: Advanced certificate in science
Course Coordination: B.Sc Degree Programme- Fish biology & fishery management. (ZYU5301)
Advanced certificate in science – Biology
M.Sc in Environmental science-Understanding the environment for

Featured reserach

  • Study the effect of different food types on settlement of sea urchin larval stages
  • Study the nutritional components in selected marine fish species in western coastal area
  • Chandrani, W. A. Y., Wattevidana, J., & Attygalle, M. V. E. (2016). Fatty acids compostion of two fish species in family Leiognathidae under different cooking methods. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies4(1), 37-41.
  • Chandrani, W. A. Y., & Wattevidanage, J. (2016). Species composition and fatty acid profile in family Leiognathidae sampled from west coast of Sri Lanka. International Journal of Science Arts and Commerce1(9), 108-123.
  • Chandrani, W. A. Y., & Wattevidanage, J. (2021).Effects of different cooking methods on proximate composition of two fish species of Gazza minita and Leiognathus dussumieriin west coast of Sri Lanka. International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge. Vol.6 – Issue 9 Septem. 2021
  • Chandrani, W. A. Y., Wattevidana, J., & Attygalle, M. V. E. (2012)Health related fatty acids in different fish species of family Leiognathidae , sampled from the West coast of Sri Lanka. Annual Acdemic session 2012 ISBN2012-9912

Senior Lecturer in Zoology

Department of Zoology
Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Open University of Sri Lanka

Nawala, Sri Lanka

  • Technical evaluation committee in Institute of Archeology (year?)

Awards, Scholarships

  • Membership- Institute of Biology