Department of

Dr. Malinda Punchimudiyanse

Ph.D. (University of Sri Jayewardenepura), M.Sc. (University of Moratuwa), B.Sc. Sp. (University of Colombo)

Senior Lecturer (Gr I)
Head of the Department

Dept. of Computer Science

I have joined The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) in 2004 as assistant network manager of the university and later joined the department of mathematics and computer science as probationary lecturer in year 2009. I am currently attached to the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Natural sciences at OUSL.

I received my first degree Bachelor of Science from University of Colombo Specialized in Computer Science in 2002. I have completed  Master of Science degree specialized in computer networks at University of Moratuwa in year 2007. Earned Ph.D. in 2017 for a thesis titled Real time translation of Sinhala to Sinhala Language at University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

I have experience in planning, implementation of computer networks and systems in both Linux based, and Windows based platforms. Moreover, I am interested in developing software & technologies for differently abled people in Sri Lanka.

Computer Networks and Security, Sinhala Sign Language, Speech Recognition, Systems Virtualization, Operating Systems, 3D animation

Computer Networks, Sinhala Sign Language, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, 3D animation

Present Position

  • Senior Lecturer in Computer Science – Dept of Computer Science – 2017 onwards

Previous Positions

  • Probationary Lecturer in Computer Science – Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science – 2009-2017
  • Assistant Network Manager – OUSL IT Division – 2004-2009

CSU4300/CSU5315/CPU3242 – Operating Systems , CSU4303/CSU5316/CPU3245 – Computer Networks

Ongoing Research

  • Tamil to Tamil Sign Language Translation
  • Offline Sinhala Voice Recognizer
  • Sign Language Database for Sri Lankan Sign Language


Completed Research

  • Sri Lankan Sign Language to Sinhala Translation
  • Sinhala to Braille translator
  • Completion Checker – Self check the eligibility of completion of BSc degree programme from result sheets uploaded by a student.
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Postgraduate supervision


  • Sri Lankan Sign Language to Sinhala Language Translation Framework for Deaf-Mute Community – Chalaru/චලරූ  ( Research Student : Mr. Mr. B.M.G.S.T.S.K. Wickramasinghe)  – From August 2021


Undergraduate Supervision

CPU3250/CSU5320/CSU3274 – Project in Computer Science – B.Sc. Degree programme

  • Sinhala spell checker 2017/18
  • Automated E-mail Responder 2017/18
  • Web based audition system – an online interview system for selecting dubbing artists 2014/2015
  • E-Counselor – a guided counseling system for subject selection for faculty of natural sciences 2013/2014
  • Road Tracker – A mobile phone based guidance system for bus commuters 2013/2014
  • Wedding decorations management system 2012/13
  • Computerized car park reservation system  2011/12

Service as a Visiting Lecturer /Examiner/Moderator:

  • Visiting Lecturer, Setting and Marking Examiner  – CSC 511 1.5 – Computer Networks, M.Sc. in Computer Science – Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura – November 2018 – April 2019


Services as a Resource person

  • Participated as an project supervisor for the Science research project competition, NSF -2020/21.  Project Title : පාසල් ළමුන් තුල ගණිත විෂය කෙරෙහි උනන්දුවක් ඇති කරමින්, ඔවුන්ගේ දැනුම් මට්ටම් ඉහළ නැංවීම


  • Reviewer of Research papers
    • Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology research conference (2019,2022)
    • General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Research conference (2019-2022)


  • External Course Moderation – Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology – 2020
    • IT3061 – Massive Data processing and Cloud computing
    • IT4031 – Visual Analytics and User Experience Design
    • IT4041 – Introduction to Information Security Analytics


Volunteer services for Deaf and Blind Community of Sri Lanka

  • Sinhala fonts to Braille font translator for Braille Embossers for Rohana Special School Matara (2017)
  • Sinhala to Sinhala Sign Language Fingerspelling Interpreter for Deaf school Rathmalana & Yashodhara Special school Balangoda (2018)

Contributions to OUSL

  • Member of Senate  – From February 2022
  • Faculty Representative – University IT committee
  • Chairman Faculty IT committee – 2021 onwards
  • Member University OMIS committee –  (2016 – 2022)
  • Member of Faculty IT committee (2016-2020)
  • Member of Faculty OMIS committee (2016-2020)
  • Consultant of Information and Communication Technology Team for managing University Web, E-mail, Learner Management systems (2010-2012)


Course Material Development 

  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks and Security
  • IT Project Management
  • Computer Applications
  • Merit price – E-Swabhimani 2017 – Inclusion and Empowerment category for “වදන් චලන” Sinhala to Sign Language Translation software
  • Certificate of commendation National Science Foundation for the PhD thesis “Realtime Translation of Sinhala to Sinhala Sign language”

Member British Computer Society (MBCS) – 2007-2012