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The Science practical workshop for the GCE-ordinary-level students sitting for the O/L examination 2022 was successfully conducted at the Bengamuwa Secondary School on 09.12. 2022. Total of 126 students from Bengamuwa secondary school, Vileyaya Kanishta Vidyalaya, Pasgoda Maha Vidyalaya and Dampahala Maha Vidyalaya took part in the event.

Zonal educational director/ Deniyaya, the Principal, and the teaching staff of Bengamuwa Secondary School, highly appreciated our effort as a great service. They further mentioned that this was indeed a great opportunity for the students who are not able to carry out most of the experiments due to the lack of facilities.

This event was a collective effort by the members of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Matara Regional Centre. Dr. D. V.D. Hemalika,(Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and the Faculty coordinator/ N.Sc.) took the initiative with great help from Mr. B.C. Gunarthne (Lecturer in Botany), Mrs. Y.A.S. Samithri (Senior Lecture in Botany), Dr. U.G.D. Maduranga (Lecture-probationary in Physics ) and Mrs. T. R. K. Hettiarchchi (Temporary Lecturer in Zoology) along with academic support staff and the nonacademic staff headed by Mr. G .Dinesh (AD/MRC).