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Chemistry is one of the seven disciplines that are taught in the B.Sc Degree Programme of the Open University of Sri Lanka. Basic and foundation courses in Chemistry, which form the core for all higher level courses, are offered at tertiary levels a t 3 an d 4. These levels are equivalent to 1st and 2nd years of a conventional university. More applied and advanced courses in Chemistry are offered at levels 5 and 6. Since all level 5 and 6 courses in the Degree Programme are offered as optional courses, it is possible for a student who is interested in learning Chemistry to offer more courses in the subject area within the allowed number of courses at these levels.

The Department also offers Foundation level Chemistry courses at levels 1 and 2. Passing the required number of credits in disciplines of the foundation level will allow a student to enter the Bachelors Degree Programme.

The Department is housed in the new Science & Technology Building and Block 7 of the Colombo Regional Centre. Two undergraduate laboratories are in Block 15 & 18 of the Colombo Regional Centre while the Research Laboratory is in the Science and Technology Building.