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Inorganic Chemistry


This is one of the four Chemistry courses, offered at Level 4 of the B. Sc. Degree Programme. The academic value of this course is 3 Credits; which means that you have to spend about 150 notional hours for studying. This course is intended to give the second-year students (i.e. Level 4) a basic knowledge in Inorganic Chemistry. The course consists of 4 study units: Unit I – Coordination Chemistry, Unit II – Introduction to Radiochemistry, Unit III – Structures of Solids, and Unit IV – Symmetry in Molecules. Students who want to follow this course are expected to pass or have a valid OCAM for both courses on Basic Principles in Chemistry I (CYU3300) and Basic Principles in Chemistry II (CYU3201) offered at Level 3. This course will provide the necessary foundation to understand some of the chemistry courses that are offered at level 5 and 6 of the B.Sc. Degree programme.

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