No Year Student Name Title Supervisor Name
Supervisor Name
1 2004 W.A.N Ranjanie A Study of Landslide Hazard and Human Activities in the Divisional Secretarial Division of Kotapola Prof. Arjuna de Zoysa Dr. P. Liyanaarachchi
2 2008 P.V.S Shantha Social and Environmental Impact Study on Mini Hydro Power Projects in Sri Lanka Prof. Arjuna de Zoysa Mr. M.A.A.N. Heamakumara
3 2009 D.A.J.P.W David Study on Solar Inactivation of faecal Coliforms in Contaminated Water, as a Low-Cost Method of Microbial Disinfection Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Mrs. Sardhanie Dias
4 E.M.A.S.K Wimalathilaka Vegetation cover type and Land Cover /Landuse Mapping in Knuckels Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka Using Gis and Remote Sensing Dr. kumudu Rajapaksha
5 M.A.A.W Moramudali Feasibility Study of Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals by Acorus calamus L. (SIN. WADAKAHA) Mr. R.M. Dharmadasa
Mr. I.A.U.P. Iddamalgoda
6 P.G.A.D Premathilaka Effectiveness of the Solid Waste Management Practices in Gampaha Municipal Council Area Dr. Wasantha Senaweliange
7 S.S Ranasinghe Impacts of Sand Mining on the Water Quality of Kalu Ganga Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
8 2010 S.P Tissaveerasinghe Study on Presence of Cyanobacteria in Unnichchai Reservoir- Batticaloa Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
Dr. P.N. Wikramanayake
Dr. P. Uinobaba
9 2011 A.S Banu Declaining Paddy Productivity in Mannar District Dr. Shayama Weerakoon Dr. Ananthini Nanthakumaran
10 A.S Liyanage Study on Socio Economic Impacts of a Minihydro Power Project on the Huluganga Basin and Adequacy of the Environmental Assessment as an Environmental Management Tool Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Dr. Anuradha kankanamge
11 D.G.A Ranjeewa Socioecology and Demography of the Male Elephants (Elephas maximus maximus) in the Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr. shermin de Silva
12 K.P Walikannage Guidelines for Sustainable Solid Waste Management Systems at Local Authorities in Central Province of Sri Lanka Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
13 L.G.R.Y Perera A Pilot study on Macro invertebrates as Bio indicators and Development of a Macro invertebrate Based Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) to Monitor Stream Health of Colombo Sri Jayewardenepura Canal System Dr. Jayantha Wattavidanage
14 M.C Edirisooriya Sustainable Solution for Implementation and Operational Problems on solid waste Management Projects in Sri Lanka Dr. B.C. Liyanage
15 N.H.A.P Fonseka A Survey on the Levels of Household Utilization of Medicinal Plants in the Gampaha District Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr. W.A.l. Chandrasiri Waliwita
16 R.M.C Ranmandala Study on Bio Diversity and Preparation of wild Life Management Plan for Proposed International Airport Project at Mattala Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
17 W.R Arachchi Investigation on Air Pollution Using Chemical Constitution of Particulate Matters for Identifying Emission Sources in Colombo Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
18 2012 A. Kuluppuarachchi Minimize the Environment Stress by Adapting Traditional Building Design Techniques in Sri Lanka Prof. A.P.K. De Zoysa
19 E.A.L.P Edirisinghe Identification of Problems of Soils in Abandoned Lands at Divisional Secretarial Matara Dr. Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Prof. Champa M. Nawarathna
20 E.R.R.P Kumara Application of Floating Wetlands for Reclamation of Water Quality in Urban Lakes Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. K.B.S.N. Jinadasa
21 2013 A.P Weerakkody Study on the Effectiveness of Environmental Pollution Control Measures Used in Metal Crushers Located at welehandiya Area Within Kaduwela Municipality Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Mr. N.S. Gamage
22 B.A.K Wickramathilake Impacts of woody invader dillenia Suffruticosa martelli on Selected Physical Chemical and Biological Properties of soil Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. S.M.W. Ranwala
23 D.P.A.S Hapuarachchi Environmental Impact of Human Settlements in Pitipana Area of the Negombo Lagoon Sri Lanka Dr. Jayantha Wattavidanage
24 E.H.M Chinthaka Investigation the Importance of Maintaining a Proper Waste Water Treatment Plant at the Automobile Service Stations in Dehiwala mt Lavinia and Kesbewa Area Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
25 H.M.J.G Menike Investigation of the use/land Cover Changes on Bolgoda River Basin Using Remote Sensing and Gis techniques Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Miss C.H. Edusuriya
26 H Ravindra Evaluation of Critical Pollution Sources of the kimbulapitiya oya in Katunayaka seeduwa Urban Council Area and Proposal for an Appropriate Treatment Process and Design Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
27 I.V Ranasinghe A Study for Eco Tourism Possibility in the Northern Flank of the Knuckles Region Sri Lanka Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
28 J.M.D.B Jaysundara Present Status of the Distribution and Abundance of four cyprinid Fish Species Introduced to the Upper Mahaweli River Basin Thirty Years ago Dr. N. Nilakarawasam Prof K.B. Ranawana
29 K.A Munasinghe Development of an Economical Waste Water Treatment System for Automobile Service Stations in Sri Lanka Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
30 K.A.S Lakruwan A Study of Gasoline (Petrol) Vehicle Emission Levels in Sri Lanka Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
31 M.H Rusaina Efficiency of Replacing Inorganic Fertilizer with compost made of Eichornia crassipes for Intensive Paddy Cultivation in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka Prof. Shyama Weerakoon Mr. A.M. razmy
32 M.M.C.S.K Malwana Determination of Optimal Pile Dimensions During Thermophilic Windrow Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya
33 M Purwins Study on the Economic Impact of Natural Disasters in Developing Countries Mr. L.D.I Wijethunga
34 N.A.S.J Senevirathne Comparison of Above Ground Biomass Carbon between Selected Kandyan home Gardens and Pinus Plantation in Kandy District Sri Lanka Dr. S.S. Somarathna
35 N.M.U Kumudinie Preparation of a Conservation and Management Plan for Bolgoda Environmental Protection Area Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
36 R.A.S.K Ranathunga Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of the Metal Industry in Sri Lanka and the Effectiveness of the Regulatory Framework to Minimize Them Prof. Cameena Gunarathna Mr. Jagath Gunawardana
37 R.M.S.W Wijerathna Perceptions of Satisfaction A Study of Farmers in System H4 (karagahawawa Area) on Reference to the Mahaweli Restructuring and Rehabilitation Project Dr. Harini Amarasuriya Mr. Uthpala Ekanayaka
38 S.K.S Dassanayaka Environmental Effects of Sand Mining in Maha Oya. Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
39 S Rajadurai Study of Water Quality in Tube Wells Wellawatte and Bambalapitiya Areas Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. T. Jayasingam
40 U.L Thaufeek Study on Seasonal variation and Human Elephant Conflict in Sigiriya Sanctuary Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
41 W. Susantha Study on Waste Water Treatment Systems for wet Process Rice Mills Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
42 2014 A.M.P Dayaratna Effectiveness of Environmental Law Enforcement of High, Medium and Low Polluting Industries in Sri Lanka. Dr. Prashanthi Gunawardena
43 B Bulumulla Possibility of Introducing Ecotourism on Estates in Pundaluoya Valley Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
44 B.Y.H Seneviratne Effect of Insecticide Space Spray Treatment Against Vectors of Dengue Fever and its Impact on Other Insect Populations in Galle Municipal Council Area Prof. H.T.R Jayasooriya
45 D.S.S Zoysa Water Quality of Lentic and Lotic Environments of Malwatu Oya Basin in Sri Lanka Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
46 A.J.M.J.K Ekanayake Socio Economic Impacts on Conservation of Forested Areas in Mullativu district in Sri Lanka Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
47 E.W Ruwinika A Study on Climatic Regions of Sri Lanka Under Changing Climate Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
Dr. S. Somarathna
48 I.H.W.K De Silva Assessing the Quality of Compost Available in the Market Through Plant (Zea maize) Growth Studies Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
49 J.A.C.L.U Jayaweera Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of the Revetment in Wennappuwa Coastal Area Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr.M.M.M Najim
50 J.A.T Seneviratne Analysis of Factors Causing the Environmental Impacts by the use of Air Compressors Installed in Industrial Facilities Dr. Ruminda J. Wimalasiri
51 M.A Jacobpillai Socio Economic Problems of Paddy Cultivation in nanattan Divisional Secretarial Mannar Prof. Shyama Weerakoon Mrs. P. Loganathan
52 M Mohanakkumaran Effects of Floods on the Socio Economics Livelihood of Paddy Farmers in Eravur Pattu Chenkalady ds Division of Batticloa District Mr. I. Wijethunga
53 N.M.L Radhika A management Plan for the Environmental Protection Area of Talangama Tank Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
54 N.S.D Sooriarachchi Effects of Oil palm Cultivation on the Properties of Soil in Some Selected Areas of Nagoda Divisional Secretarial in Galle District Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. Disna Rathnasekara
55 R.P Ranaweera Sustainable of Water in Unawatuna Bathing Site for Recreational Purposes Dr. N. Nilakarawasam Dr. P.B. terney Pradeep kumara
56 S.P.P.M Silva A Study on Threats Faced by Kottawa Forest Reserve and Possibilities for Over Coming Through Ecotourism Mr. L.D.I. Wijethunga
57 T.C.A De Silva Regeneration and Present Status of an Abandoned Rubber plot at Mahausakanda, Kiriella in Comparison with Adjacent Bambaragala Mookalana in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka Dr. S. Somarathna
58 T.S Ranasinghe The Pollution Sources and the Level of Pollution of Water in Beruwala Fishery Harbour in Sri Lanka Dr. N. Nilakarawasam
59 2015 N.M.C.K Nayakarathne A Study on District Impacts of Selected Anthropogenic Activities on Badagamuwa Forest Reserve Kurunegala Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
60 P.V.S Shantha An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Prediction River Flow Using Rainfall for Mini Hydropower Projects Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
61 S.A.K. Liyanage Impacts Climate Change on Vegetation Distribution A case of Anuradhapura District Dr. S. Somarathna
62 S.C. Edussuriya The implementation of the Legal regime on Protected Areas A Research Project Based on case Studies in Three National Parks of Sri Lanka (Yala, Wilpattu, Uda walawa) Prof. C. Gunarathna
63 S.H.U De Silva Impact of Land Acquisition on the Affected Households A Case Study of a New Bridge Over the Kelani River at Peliyagoda Mr. L.D.I. Wijethunga
64 T.D.A. Gamage Investigation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Disposal Practices of the Textile Industries in Sri Lanka Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
65 T.S.C. Peiris Study on Traffic Noise Impacts from Southern Expressway in Sri Lanka Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
66 W.A. Pemarathna Study on Socio Cultural and Economical Impacts of Southern Expressway A Case Study Dr. Harini Amarasuriya
67 W.M.M. Vajirakanthi Evaluation of Factors Affecting Adoption of Integrated pest Management (IPM) Practices in Rice Cultivation. A Case Study in Gampaha District Sri Lanka. Dr.S. Thrikawala Dr. L.D.B. Suriyagoda
68 Y.K.M.C.B Senavirathne Exploration of Ecotourism Potential at Pitawala Pathana Area in Knuckles Environmental Protection Area in Sri Lanka Dr. Wasantha Rathnayake
69 2016 A.G.D.L. Karunarathne The Status of Fishery and its Economics in the Negombo Lagoon Dr. N. Nilakarawasam
70 C.T. Rajapaksha Validation the Collecting Efficiency Factors of wet Chemical Methods for Determination of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide in Ambient air Under Sri Lankan Situation Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
71 S. Widanapathirana Assessment of Economical Value of Urban Wetland Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr. Lakshman Pieris
72 D.S.C.K. Wijesinghe Agro Chemicals in Sri Lankan Agricultural Sector Situational Analysis on Existing Regulatory Mechanism and Effectiveness of Extension Service in Anuradhapura and Nuwara Eliya Districts Prof. C.S. De Silva
73 D.G.R.P. Dharmawardene A Study of Stakeholder Attitudes on coral Reef Degradation at Hikkaduwa National Park Implications for Management Dr. S. Somarathna
74 W.W.W.F. Mendis Application of Ecosystem Approach to Management (EAM) to prepare a management plan to Anavilundawa Ramsar Sanctuary Sri Lanka Dr. S Jayakody
75 S.L.N. Niroshani Grey Water Footprint of Textile Industries in Lower Basin of Keleni River Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
76 N. Anoja Assessing the Quality of Drinking water Sources at Vavuniya Moh Division Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Prof. T. Mikunthan
77 S.P.U. Kumara Study of Species Composition and Vertical Distribution of Cyanobacteria in Unnichchai tank Batticaloa for Development of Water Treatment Facility Dr. Nishanthi
M.P. Perera
Prof. Pathmalal Manage
78 W.D.P. Gomas Economic Comparison of the Performance of Eucalyptus Species case study of Upcountry Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka Mr. L.D.I. Wijethunga
79 F. Rifa A Study on the Current Municipal Solid Waste water management in Moratuwa Municipal council Area and on reduction of improper solid waste disposal methods in Moratuwa Prof. G.W.A. Rohan Fernando Mr. Sena Peiries
80 P.L.A.P. Perera Potential drivers, limitations and Benefits in Implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems for Organizations in Sri Lanka Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Mrs. S.U. Narangoda
81 K.M.S.C. Kumara Beneficial Effects of an Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 A case study of a Sri Lankan food Manufacturing Company Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
82 D.M.D.O.K. Dissanayaka Develop a Demand Estimation Model to Forecast Future sand Requirement for construction and allied industries and identify sustainable alternatives for Excessive River sand mining in Sri Lanka Prof. G.W.A. Rohan Fernando Dr. Shiromi Karunarathna
83 A.R.M.W.W.K. Ranasinghe Assessment of Electronic waste management systems in Sri Lanka and suggesting mechanism to streamline the Existing system Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
84 T. Jayaweera Feasibility of area market as a Strategy for e waste management in Kandy Municipal council with special attention on used computers and Mobile Phones Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
85 T.D. Deraniyagala Application of visitor Perceptions for the Advancement of Dehiwala Zoological Gardens Mrs. Nalana Edirisinghe Mrs. Renuka Bandaranayake
86 S. Mahintan Influence of Paved Roads on Urban Heat Island Effect A Case Study in Batticaloa District Dr. P.N. Wikramanayake
87 V. Sangakkarage Perceptions of University Students on Major an Environmental Issues in Sri Lanka A case Study from the Open University of Sri Lanka and the University of Peradeniya Dr. K.A.J.M. Kuruppuarachchi
88 M.R. Namalee Assessment on Environmental Issues Related to water Pollution associated in textile processing industries in Dehiwala Mt Lavinia and Moratuwa Municipal Council areas In Sri Lanka Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
89 M.A.C.N. Mallawasekara Study on Environmental impacts of Ceramic Industry in Sri Lanka and Possible Mitigatory Measures Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
90 H.M.A.B. Herath Estimation of Recreation Value of Ambuluwawa Religious and Biodiversity Complex Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr. P. Gunawardane
91 2017/18 Ms. D.A.C.D. Priyanga Peiris Study on use of Environmental Friendly alternative fiber materials for Asbestos Roofing sheets in Sri Lanka Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
92 Ms. K.P.A. Fernando Effectiveness of regulatory mechanisms in coastal resource management – A case study from Negombo Estuary System Dr. N. Nilakarawasam Dr. P.B.T. Pradeep kumara
93 Mr. M.K.S.P. Fernando Assessment of Ambient Air Quality and Water Quality Impacts of Expressway development.
(Case study: Outer circular highway (Kerawalapitiya- Kadawatha section)
Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Dr. Meththika Vithanage
94 Ms. T.A. R.M. Gunerathne Preliminary Assessment of the level of pollution in Kalu Ganga Dr. N. Nilakarawasam
95 Mr. N. Sajeevan Farmer’s perception on climate change in Kopay Area, Jaffna Prof. C.S. de Silva
96 Ms. K.A.C.M. Dulshika Performance indicator for assessing water quality management of community water supply schemes based on well water sources Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Dr. Sunil Thrikawala
97 Mr. I.S. Imbulpitiya The present status of environmental impact mitigation measures proposed by the EIA in the Matthala Airport Prof. Camena Gunarathne Dr. Meththika Vithanage
98 Mr. R. M. C. R. P Bandara Assessing the extent of salt water intrusion and vulnerability of fresh water aquifers at Koggala lagoon area Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu
99 Mr. K.P.De. Z Siriwardena Economic value of the Maduru Oya National Park, Sri Lanka Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal
100 Mr. D.K. Pathirana Design and development of septic tank with up flow anaerobic filter compact unit for treatment of domestic wastewater in Sri Lanka. Prof. B.C.L. Athapaththu Dr. Meththika Vithanage
101 Mr. P. Thuvarahan An indicator approach to identifying assessing and mapping the water poverty in Mullativu District in Sri Lanka. Dr. Jayantha Wattevidanage
102 Mr.S.M.M. Nawas Study on the present status of solid waste Generation, Disposal and Management method by Vavuniya Urban Council Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
103 2017/18 Miss. W.V.R.T. Wevitavidana Comparison of Effectiveness of Removing Nitrate in Two Different Wastewater Treatment Processes used at Crepe Rubber Factories in Sri Lanka. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
104 Mrs. S. Sutharshini Impact of Seawater Intrusion Bund on Soil & Water Conservation in Costal Line of Poonakary. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Mr. S. Satheeswaran
105 Mr. R.D.R.W.K. Rajapakshe Air Quality Impact of Petroleum Refinery at Sapugaskanda Prof B.C.L. Athapattu Mr. H.D.S. Premasiri
106 Mr. Y.B.M. Asmi The Degree of Success in Environmental Mitigation Measures of Development Projects in Sri Lanka – With Special Reference to Peraru Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. K.M.P.S. Bandara
107 Mr. T.P. Tharanga A review of the Environmental Management System of Construction Project in Sri Lanka with special reference to the Rural Road Rehabilitation project in Wallawaya. Dr. U.K.G.K. Padmalal Dr. N.M.P. Perera
108 Miss. L.K.C. Tillekeratne Projection of Precipitation Variations up to 2050 in the Western Province Sri Lanka based on Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) Dr. W.C.W. Nawarathne Mr. G.H.P. Dharmaratna
109 Ms. G. Kalaivani Impact of Water Quality Parameters on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDU) in Thunukkai Division in Mullaitivu District. Dr. Uthpala A. Jayawardena Dr. Jasodha prabashar
110 Mr. M.S. Rinoos Study on Efficiency of Renovated Oxidation Pond System of Vavuniya Tank for Waste Water Treatment. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe Dr. A. Nanthakumaran
111 Mrs. R.S.W. Warnabarana The Potential of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanoides) to Act as Primary Purifier of Polluted Water; An Answer to Environmentally Friendly Low-Cost Sanitation. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
112 Mr. K.T.U. Tillakaratne The Challenges Faced by Rice Farmers who Cultivate Traditional varieties under the Organic Farming methods in Sri Lanka a Case Study from the Western Province. Dr. Sunil Thrikawala
113 Mrs.D.M. Gajadeera An Approach to Develop Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan for Hambantota District. Dr. T.K. Weerasinghe
114 Mr.D.M. Gunawardena Impact of fertilizer application on surface water, An assessment of water quality of polwatta river in Matara District. Prof B.C.L. Athapattu
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