Research-Physics Dept

Research Grant No: Faculty Research Grant 2019 (Grant no: OUSL/ FHS/19/01)

Title of the Ongoing Research Project:

Screening and Detection of Biofilm Production in Clinical Bacterial Isolates from Indwelling Urinary Catheters

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kalaivani Vivehananthan

Co- Investigators: Dr. Indrika Abeygunawardena
Ms Sajantha Thevashayinath


Biofilm is a cluster of microbial cells that is irreversibly adhered with biotic and abiotic surfaces. These microbial organisms are embedded in a matrix of extracellular polymeric substances that they have produced. Indwelling medical devices are more prone to get colonization of bacteria on their intra and extra luminal surfaces. Especially indwelling urinary catheters which are used by patients to drain urine are known to be the major common site of biofilm producing bacteria. Biofilms have serious medical importance as they increase the resistance to the antimicrobial drugs. The present study is designed to isolate bacteria and detect their biofilm production in vitro. The results of this study could be disseminated to the health care sectors.

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