Research unit by-laws

By- Law Number 15


This By-Law may be cited as the Research Unit By-Law Number 15 of 2019 and shall come into force on 07. 02. 2020 as approved by the Council of the Open University of Sri Lanka.

1. The Aims of the Research Unit shall be to;
1.1 Foster and Promote high quality research and research training in ODL and other disciplines conforming to the best ethical practices in the relevant disciplines of OUSL.
1.2 Facilitate national and international research links in ODL and other relevant disciplines of OUSL
1.3 Provide a supportive environment for staff and students multidisciplinary and collaborative research.
1.4 Facilitate dissemination of research findings to a wider community of academics, scientists and Researchers.

2. The Objectives of the Research Unit shall be to;
2.1 Engage with academics to enhance their research capacity and leadership qualities to engage in high quality and relevant research;
2.2 Support and strengthen undergraduate and postgraduate research by providing students with training opportunities and access to research facilities;
2.3 Maintain highest ethical standards in the conduct of research by strengthening the activities of Ethics Review Committee of OUSL;
2.4 Facilitate collaboration in joint research projects on ODL and other relevant disciplines, especially those that lead to development or refinement of and increased
visibility of our researchers outside OUSL;
2.5 Strengthen multidisciplinary research by earmarking specific research grants.
2.6 Raise awareness of the contribution/ outcomes of innovative intervention research;
2.7 Facilitate dissemination of research findings to a wider academic community regionally and globally;
2.8 Create awareness of research grants from agencies within and outside the country to support research;

3. Functions, responsibilities and reporting of the Research Unit
3.1 The functions of the Research Unit are to:
(a) Promote and facilitate research including collaborative and multidisciplinary research.
(b) Build and provide sufficient support for innovative research to enhance research capacity at the University and to increase internal and external research opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students;
(c) Act as the nexus between the University and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit;
(d) Transfer knowledge to society through outreach (e.g. collaborative research, seminars, workshops, lectures, websites, and publications) and through technology transfer (eg. Commercialization of intellectual property)
(e) Seek external research funds
(f) Develop networks between the Research Unit and researchers in the public and private sectors, locally, nationally and internationally;
(g) Collaborate with researchers, policy makers, industrialists, entrepreneurs to identify priority areas for research and establish research partnerships;
(h) Monitor and evaluate research proposals for funding under special Grant Schemes (Competitive Research Grant Scheme, Innovative Grant Scheme etc.);
(i) Recommend to the Council to disburse funds to support research through the available Grant schemes;
(j) Manage the research projects undertaken by staff members through the respective Faculty Research Committees;
(k) Organize and conduct the Annual Research Sessions of OUSL to disseminate research findings;
(l) Conduct workshops and training programmes to develop the research capacity of OUSL researchers (for e.g. writing research grant proposals for funding, Data analysis, publishing in high impact journals, etc.);
(m)Host international research conferences, meetings and other activities in collaboration with International Relations Unit to disseminate research results and expose OUSL academics to experts in their fields of interest;
(n) Compile and regularly update databases of research projects, publications and grants of OUSL staff and students

(o) Facilitate ethical approvals for research conducted by OUSL staff/students involving human participants, animals and clinical trials through Ethics Review Committee;
(p) Communicate regularly the activities of the Research Unit and available opportunities for Faculty and student involvement through web page ;

3.2. The responsibilities and reporting of the Research Unit shall include the following;
(a) The Director Research shall be responsible for directing, developing and managing a range of projects and programs that support the enhancement of research and policy aspects of the Unit;
(b) Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Registrar/ Research Unit shall be responsible for providing high quality, confidential, administrative, and executive support to the Research Unit;
(c) The support staff of the Research Unit shall be responsible for providing high quality confidential support to the Research Unit as mentioned in their List of Duties issued to them by the Director Research;
(d) The Research Unit shall prepare an annual work plan and submit it to the Senate and the Council for approval before a calendar year commences;
(e) Liaise with Representatives of the Faculties to facilitate and monitor research activities conducted by the academics of Faculties
(f) Report relevant matters and progress of research activitiesto the Faculty Boards and the Senate through the respective Representatives;
(g) The Director Research/Senate Representative shall report the activities and progress of the Unit to the Senate once in two months starting from the month of January;
(h) The Director Research shall convene the meeting of the BoM at least once in two months.

4. Governing Structure of the Research Unit
4.1. The Research Unit shall be placed directly under the purview of the Vice-Chancellor and shall be managed by a Director. Its administrative and financial control shall be managed through a Board of Management (hereinafter referred to as BoM), which shall comprise the following;
(i) Vice-Chancellor
(ii) Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(iii) Deans of all Faculties of the OUSL
(iv) Director / Postgraduate Institute of English (PGIE)
(v) Librarian
(vi) Director / Research
(vii) Director / Centre for Educational Technology and Media (CETMe)
(viii) Director / Industry Liaison Centre (ILC)
(ix) Director / Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU)
(x) Director / Staff Development Centre (SDC)
(xi) Director / International Relations Unit (IRU)
(xii) Director/CESSD
(xiii)  A Senate nominee
(xiv) A Council member
(xii) Chairpersons of Faculty Research Committees

4.2. The Vice-Chancellor of the OUSL shall be the Chairperson of the BoM of the Research Unit;
4.3. The Director / Research shall be a full-time member of staff of OUSL of the category Senior Lecturer or above with a sound research background;
4.4. He/she shall be appointed for a period of 03 years by the Council of the OUSL on the recommendation of the Senate/Vice-Chancellor;
4.5. The Director / Research shall receive a monthly allowance as determined by the Council of the OUSL;
4.6. The Director /Research may be removed from office before the expiry of his/her term of office by the Council on the advice of the Vice- Chancellor. In such an event, the reasons for removal shall be intimated to the Director Research.
4.7 OUSL shall provide office space, support staff and logistics for the Research Unit to enable it to function effectively;
4.8 The Vice-Chancellor shall appoint a Deputy Registrar/Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Registrar to the Research Unit, who may, on a full time/ part time basis, serve as the Convener/ Secretary to the meetings of BoM of the Research Unit;
4.9 Deputy Registrar/Senior Assistant Registrar/ Assistant Research Unitshall report directly to the Director Research;
4.10 The BoM of Research Unit shall meet as and when it is deemed necessary at least once in every two months. The quorum for such meeting shall be half of the full membership;
4.11 Management procedures of the Research Unit shall include the following:
(a) The Director Research shall report directly to the Vice-Chancellor;
(b) At each BoM meeting, the Director Research shall submit a report on the activities that have been undertaken during the previous two months.
(c) The minutes of the meeting of BoM of Research Unit shall be presented to the Senate and Council once in three months.
(d) The support staff of the Research Unit (Computer Application Assistant/Office aid) shall report directly to the Deputy Registrar/Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Registrar of the Research Unit.

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