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G. R. S. Rathnasiri

Effect of high rainfall for pollen and spikelet sterility of field grown rice in low country wet zone

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


U. D.A.S. Senevirathne

Effect of Organic Fertilizer on the growth and yield of the medicinal plant Solanum virginianum (Katuwelbatu)

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


D. M Hasanjana Chandimal

Accidental fire protection system for sugar cane plantations.

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


G. B. Wickramarachchi

Evaluate the effectiveness of organic manure and inorganic fertilizer application under traditional rubber cultivation area in Sri Lanka

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


R. D. Devadason

Effect of compound fertilizers in in potting mixture of Black Pepper Hybrid ("Dingirala") nursery plants on growth

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


T. I. Croner

Effects of advanced compound fertilizer on turmeric nursery plants

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


A. Neranji

Evaluate the effectiveness of organic manure application with reduced amount of inorganic fertilizer under rubber in non-traditional area

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


R. K. C. Pathmakanthi

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on tuber growth of potato in up country intermediate zone

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


H. M. S. M. Bandara

Diversity and the impact of shrimp farming on mangrove ecosystem in Anawilundawa International Ramsar wetland Sanctuary

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


A. H. N. Abeysinghe

Develop liquid fertilizer using spent wash and organic materials

Snr. Prof. C. S. De Silva


S. P. R. Wijewardhana

Development of hand sanitizer using Alpinia malaccensis extract

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


H. B. Sasiprabha

Effect of different storage methods on shelf life, physical, physicochemical and toxicity effect of popular local cassava (Manihot esculenta) variety MU51

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


G. A. K. I. Karunathilaka

Development of technology for nutrition bar in co-operating with pumpkin puree

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


K. A. C. Madubashini

Development of food leather

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


H. M. H. P. K Herath

Screening of antioxidant, cytotoxicity and enzyme inhibited activities of Psophocarpustetragonolobus,Phaseolus lunatus and Momordica dioica

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


K. M. L. A. K. Munasinghe

Screening of Cytotoxicity, Antioxidants & Enzymes inhibited activities of Abul pera (Psidium cattleyanum), Namnam (Cynometracauliflora) and Abilla (Morus alba)

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


T. Kalhara

Comparative assessment of quality of fruit juices being sold in Piliyandala public market area

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


D. K. J. D. K. Dodangoda

Evaluation of the effect of the lactic acid on cheese productionfrom coconut skim milk

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


W. M. C. P Dissanayake

Evaluation of the effect of various emulsifiers on coconut butter spread

Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Weerakkoddy


D. A. S. Vidanapathirana

Factors influencing to the failure to increase the annual sugar cane production by farmers under the Out Grower section, Wandama division, Lanka Sugar Company, Buttala, Sri Lanka.

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


D. N. Premawansha

Factors contributing to the decline of youth participation in paddy cultivation (In Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat)

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


D. A. M. D. Kumari

Impact of extension on productivity of pineapple growers in Gampaha District

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


A. B. Inthija

Impact of TV programme in agricultural extension

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


L. P. John

Effectiveness of machine harvesting and community attitude on it how effect to the tea plantations

Dr. (Mrs.) H. M. U. N. Herath


W. R. L. Perera

Factors affecting fresh milk consumption of people in western province

Mr. P. K. J. De Mel


K.W. J. S. Samaranayake

Variation in milk quantities according to the breeds of cattle reared in Yatiyanthota division.

Mr. P. K. J. De Mel


K. E. L. Ilanwaththa

Effect of fish waste Extract on production performance of short-term vegetable crops

Mr. P. K.J. De Mel


U. G. P. K. K. Jayasinghe

Extension of bitter gourd post-harvest storage life through the use of reduced temperature and paper wraps

Mr. P. K.J. De Mel


S. M. I. E Wijerathne

Identification correct maturity stages of different banana verities.

Mr. P. K.J. De Mel


R. M. P. K. Rajapakse

Enhancing the storage period and overall quality retention of packaged microgreen of Coriandrum sativum ("Kotthamalli") using post-harvest Calcium treatment

Mr. P. K. J. De Mel


S. N. Senarathna

Evaluation of chemical residues in cucumber

Mr. P. K. J. De Mel


H. G. A.Kumudumalie

Micro propagation ofCurcuma longa

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


I. D. M. C. Nisansala

Selection of commercially cost-effective subculture media in tissue culture for Anthurium propagation

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


S. Dahanayaka

Identification of the most effective fungicide to manage brown spot disease in paddy

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


H. K. A. Madhubhashani

Field screening of rice Advanced breeding lines for Brown spot disease

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


M. D. S. Hansika

Evaluating the best sterilization method and the best hormonal combination for callus induction of in-vitro propagation of curcuma longa (Turmeric)

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


L. C. Perera

Effect of various carbon sources on the in vitro micro propagation of Salacia Reticulata a threatened medicinal plant

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


C. H. D. M. Silva

Acceleration of callus and shoots growth in Vanilla planifolia by using pumpkin with MS media

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


S. S. Shanthini

effective combination if plant growth regulators for invitro culture of holy basil to increase callus and shoot multiplication

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


T. M. B. C. Thennakoon

Identification of optimum temperature for storing of Telenomusremus under the low temperature techniques

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


D. L. C. A. K. Weerasinghe

Study of Genetic Variability, Genetic Advance and Correlation of Morphological Traits in Sesame Genotypes

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


P. U. D. Vilashini

Cost and time effective growing medium protocol for in-vitro propagation of banana

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


M. N. M. Munasinghe

Development and optimization of micropropagation protocols for selected ornamental plants for export potential.

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


E. M. P. S. Ekanayaka

Assessing the compatibility of Rhizobium innoculum, fungicide, insecticide, and seed coating polymer on root nodulation and yield formation of soy bean

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


J. H. M. A. W. Jayapathma

Evaluation of bio fumigants for eradication of parasitic nematodes in tea nursery soils

Dr. (Mrs.) A.G.B. Aruggoda


H. L. S. Shehan

Diagnosis and recommendation Integrated System(DRIS) to access nutrition requirement of Bibile Sweet Orange grown in Monaragala district

Dr. S. Thrikawala


E. M. E. C Wanigarathna

A study on Why farmers are turning to organic tea cultivation instead of conventional tea cultivation

Dr. S. Thrikawala


J. M. V. B. jayasundara

Survey of some pest of vegetable cultivation in Gampola area

Dr. S. Thrikawala


W. M. P. S. Weerathunga

Effect of Weedy Rice (Oryza Sativa f.spontanea) evaluation on rice farming during 'Yala' season in Namaloya area

Dr. S. Thrikawala


S. R. G. H. S. M. Jayarathna

Testing of alternative planting row arrangements on yield and feasibility of Fall army worm control in maize

Dr. S. Thrikawala


K. D. M. R. M. Dissanayake

Effects of application of growth regulators on growth and flower yield of Jasminumsambac (Geta pichcha)

Ms. K. G. A. I. Rasanjali


E.W. M. A. K. Ekanayake

Identification of best spacing for locally released bean varieties

Ms. K. G. A. I. Rasanjali


N. M. Vithanage

Effect of foliar application of Glycine Betaine during drought on immature tea (Camellia sinensis) plants.

Ms. K. G. A. I. Rasanjali


W. A. I. I Wickramaarachchi

Silicon fertilized disease resistance and floricultural quality enhance of Dendrobium sp.

Ms. K. G. A. I. Rasanjali


S. G. M. M. D Senevirathna

A study on contribution of leafcolour chart to reduce use of nitrogen for paddy fields

Ms. K. G. A. I. Rasanjali

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