Programmes-Civil Engineering Dept

Bachelor of Technology Honours in Engineering – (Civil Engineering)

Graduates of Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering offered by the Department of Civil Engineering are employed as engineers at various levels of the construction industry that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like buildings, roads, railways, bridges, canals, dams, harbours, airports and water supply, sewage disposal and irrigation schemes. Civil engineering as a profession is responsible for developing and providing infrastructure and services for the society with due consideration for safety and the environment. The minimum duration of the Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering is four years and the medium of instruction is English.

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Curriculum for Civil Engineering Specialization

Year 1 (Level 3)

Course code Course Title Category Credits(SLQF)
MHZ3551 Engineering Mathematics I Z 5
MHZ3552 Engineering Mathematics II 5
EEX3417 Software development for engineers  


DMX3401 Fundamentals of Fluids Mechanics and Thermodynamics 4
EEX3410 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 4
DMX3305 Introduction to Engineering Design Graphics 3
CVX3340 Introduction to Hydraulics & Hydrology 3
CVX3441 Structural Analysis and Design I 4
CVX3442 Strength of Materials 4
AGM3203 Communication skills M 2
Total 38
Break down: X – 26, Z – 10, M – 2


Year 2 (Level4)

Course code Course Title Category Credits(SLQF)
MHZ4553 Engineering Mathematics III Z 5
CVX4240 Hydraulic Engineering I X 2
CVX4241 Engineering Hydrology 2
CVX4342 Surveying I 3
CVX4343 Soil Mechanics 3
CVX4344 Engineering Geology 3
CVX4545 Structural Analysis and Design II 5
CVX4446 Construction Engineering & Materials 4
DMX3101 Workshop Practice 1
AGM4307 Economics and marketing for Engineers M 3

Select 02 credits from the courses given below

LWJ3245 Introduction to laws of Sri Lanka J 2
MHJ4241 History of Technology 2
MHJ5244 Nature of Mathematics 2

Select (03) credits from the courses given below

CVX4347 Irrigation Engineering X 3
CVX4348 Water and Wastewater Engineering 3
CVX4349 Building Engineering 3
CVX4350 Quantity Surveying 3

Optional for Diploma Exit

CVW4802 Industrial Training-(Civil-Diploma) W 8
CVY4185 Group Project Y 1
Total 36
Break down: X –26, Z – 5, M – 3, J – 2


Year 3 (Level 5 and 6)

Course code Course Title Category Credits(SLQF)
MHZ5554 Engineering Mathematics IV Z 5
CVX5440 Surveying II X 4
CVX5241 Hydraulic Engineering II 2
CVX5242 Mechanics of Fluids 2
CVX5443 Structural Analysis 4
CVX6444 Geotechnics 4
CVX6345 Environmental Engineering 3
CVX6546 Construction Engineering and Management 5
CVM5401 Accounting for Engineers M 4

Select 03 credits from the courses given below

MHJ5342 Technology Society and Environment J 3
MHJ5343 Nature of Science 3
Total 36
Break down: X –24, Z – 5, M – 4, J – 3


Year 4 (Level 6)

Course code Course Title Category Credits(SLQF)
DMM6601 Management for Engineers M 6
CVX6180 Research Methodology and Project Identification X 1
CVW6803 Industrial Training-(Civil-Undergraduate) W 8



Breakdown: Total – X =01, W=08, M(L6)=6


Year 5 (Level 7)

Course code Course Title Category Credits(SLQF)
CVX7640 Structural Design X 6
CVX7241 Geotechnical Design 2
CVX7242 Environmental Engineering Design 2
CVY7880 Engineering Research Project (Civil) Y 8
CVY7385 Comprehensive Design Project (Civil) 3

Select 06 credits from the courses given below

CVX7343 Bridge Engineering X 3
CVX7344 Computational Mechanics using Finite Element Methods 3
CVX7345 Highway Engineering and Design 3
CVX7346 Ground Improvement Techniques 3
CVX7347 Applied Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics 3
CVX7348 Coastal Engineering and Coastal Zone Management 3
CVX7349 Environmental Modelling and Management 3
CVX7350 Remote Sensing and GIS 3


Breakdown: Total – X – 10+6 =16,Y =11

Master of Science in Structural Engineering

The ‘Master of Science in Structural Engineering’ programme provides an innovative approach to manage complex problems with an integrated perspective. The proposed curriculum hopes to train Civil Engineers to apply their technical understanding of systems in engineering, design, and implementation to develop strategies to make economical, healthy, and sustainable environments.
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