Prof.(Ms.) H.U.W. Rathnayake


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology
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Central Campus, 2nd floor, Science and Technology building

Office: 112881469, Ext: 305


I graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (in 1994) in the field of specialization Computer Science and Engineering. Then I worked at InfoLabs (Pvt) Ltd as a software engineer for one year and joined The Open University of Sri Lanka as a Lecturer in 1996. I obtained my PhD in IT from Murdoch University, Australia in 2004.

Area of Specification:


Research Intrests:

Data mining. artificial intelligence techniques (Neural networks, Agent technology), OER based e-learning



Course Coordination:

Software Engineering Concepts, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Human Computer Interaction, Software Architecture and Design, Software Group project


Journal Papers

1. Extending the recommendation architecture model for text mining, Ratnayake U, Gedeon TD, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems, (2003), Vol 7 pp. 139–148
2. A Statistical Fuzzy Inference System by PCA based Defuzzification for the improvement of Sugeno Defuzzification method, D.S. K. Mendis, H.U.W. Ratnayake , A. S. Karunananda, U. Samarathunga, Journal of Engineering and Technology of The Open University of Sri Lanka (JET-OUSL), 2019, Vol. 7, No. 1, p 38-52
3. Improving the Customer Experience using a Fair Call Distribution Model, R. M. Abeykoon, H.U.W. Ratnayake, G.S.N. Meedin, .Journal of Engineering and Technology of The Open University of Sri Lanka (JET-OUSL), 2019, Vol. 7, No. 1, p 89-103
4. An approach to the development of commonsense knowledge modeling systems for disaster management, DSK Mendis, AS Karunananda, U Samaratunga, U. Ratnayake, Artificial Intelligence Review, 2007, Vol 28, issue 2, pg: 179-196, Springer Netherlands
5. A Dynamic AI Controller for a Field-Oriented Controlled BLDC Motor to Achieve the Desired Angular Velocity and Torque, HR Jayetileke, R de Mel, HUW Ratnayake, International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering, 2019, vol 7, issue 3, p. 166-182
6. Designing Reflective Practice in the Context of OER-based e-Learning, S. P. Karunanayaka, Som Naidu, JCN Rajendra, HUW Ratnayake, Journal of Learning for Development-JL4D, Vol 4, issue 2, 2017/6/13
7. Peer-facilitated discussions to enhance OER-based e-learning, S.P. Karunanayaka, J.C.N. Rajendra, H.U.W. Ratnayake, Som Naidu Asian Association of Open Universities Journal, Vol 11 issue 1 pp. 90- 104, (2016), DOI
8. Development of Commonsense Knowledge Modeling System for Psychological Assessment in Clinical Psychology, Mendis D. S. K., Karunananda A.S, Samarathunga and U.Rathnayake, , Journal of Health Science 2 (2014) 41-55
9. Computational Model of Diagnosis of Human Constituitons: Widening Scope of Artificial Life, DSK Mendis , AS Karunananda, U Samarathunga , U Rathnayake (2008) , , p. 278-282, Ayurveda Sameeksha, 2008, Volume 11, Part IV

Book Chapters

1. Need for Integration of ICT for Extending Learner Support Services to the Distance Learners in ODL System in Developing World in Technology for Efficient Learner Support Services in Distance Education, HUW Ratnayake, 2018, Pages: 75-92, Publisher: Springer, Singapore
2. Intelligent Time of Use Deciding System for a Melody to Provide a Better Listening Experience in Artificial Intelligence, M.W. Sohan Janaka, H.U.W. Ratnayake, I.A. Premaratne, 2019, Publisher: Springer, Singapore
3. Locating the Position of a Cell Phone User Using GSM Signals, Shazir Shafeeque, GSN Meedin, H.U.W.Ratnayake, in in Artificial Intelligence 2019, Publisher: Springer, Singapore.

Conference Proceedings (Peer reviewed) full papers

1. Work-in-progress: Development of a framework to foster collaborative learning among engineering students using Moodle Mobile App A. Peramunugamage, HUW Ratnayake, S. P. Karunanayaka, 21st International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2018 (ICL2018), Kos Island, Greece, 25th to 28th September 2018

2. Modelling and simulation analysis of the genetic-fuzzy controller for speed regulation of a sensored BLDC motor using MATLAB/SIMULINK, HR Jayetileke, WR de Mel, HUW Ratnayake, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), 2017, pg: 1-6, IEEE
3. An Expert System to Generate Chords for Melodies Composed in Eastern Music Format, E.A.D. Yasith Chathuranga, H.U.W. Ratnayake, I.A. Premaratne, pages 501-504, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communications and Electronics 2017, Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur India, 2017
4. Bachelor of Software Engineering: A Case Study for an Effective Degree Programme, H U W Ratnayake, L S K Udugama, November, 2016. 8th Pan Commonwealth Forum, At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5. From OER to OEP: Shifting Practitioner Perspectives and Practices with Innovative Learning Experience Design, Shironica Karunanayaka, Som Naidu, J.C.N. Rajendra, & H.U.W. Ratnayake, Proceedings of 26th International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) World Conference, Pg: 339-350, Oct 2015
6. Real-time fuzzy logic speed tracking controller for a DC motor using Arduino Due, HR Jayetileke, WR De Mel, HUW Ratnayake – 7th International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAfS), 2014, Pg: 1-6, IEEE
7. Hardware Design of a Pipelined Log Sigmoid Activation Function with Higher Precision, N.I. Vithanage, L.S.K. Udugama, H.U.W. Rathnayake (2014), International Conference on Computing and Communication (ICC2014), June 2014, India
8. Multi agent system for trip planning, H.M.R.P.B. Herath and Uditha Ratnayake, 8th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), 2013, DOI: 10.1109/ICCSE.2013.6553928
9. Spatial Model of Road Network in Colombo City for Optimum Online Path Finding, J.E. Jeningthas and Uditha Ratnayake, Proceedings of 8th Annual Sessions of Sri Lanka Association for Artificial Intelligence (SLAAI) 2011, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
10. Learning qualitative relations in real world scenes, DDM Ranasinghe, AS Karunananda, U Ratnayake – 2008 4th International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability, 2008. ICIAFS 2008, Pg: 413-418, IEEE
11. Advising Farmers on Crop Selecting Using an Expert System, M M Anuradha Premachandra and Uditha Ratnayake, Proceeding of the 5th Annual Sessions of Sri Lanka Association for Artificial Intelligence (SLAAI), 2008
12. Recent Developments in Bayesian Approach in Filtering Junk E-mail, Ihalagedara &U. Ratnayake, Proceedings of 3rd Annual Sessions of Sri Lanka Association for Artificial Intelligence (SLAAI) 2006, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, pg: 11-18
13. Managing interference between prior and later learning, LA Coward, TD Gedeon, U Ratnayake, Proceedings of International Conference on Neural Information Processing, 2004, Pg: 458-464 (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
14. Learning complex combinations of operations in a hybrid architecture, LA Coward, TD Gedeon, U Ratnayake, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 2004, Vol. 2, Pg: 923-928
15. Document Classification with Recommendation Architecture: Extensions for Feature Intensity Recognition and Column Labeling, U Ratnayake, TD Gedeon, N Wickramarachchi – 7th Australasian Document Computing Symposium. ADCS, Sydney, Australia, 2002
16. Application of the recommendation architecture for discovering associative similarities in text, U Ratnayake, TD Gedeon – Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, 2002. ICONIP’02. Vol 4, Pg: 2059-2063, IEEE
17. Application of the Recommendation Architecture Model for Document Classification, U Ratnayake, TD Gedeon – Proceedings of the 2nd WSEAS Intl. Conference on Scientific Computation and Soft Computing, Crete, 2002

Research Supervisions:
  •  Main-superviosr: MPhil student, Registered with The Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, OUSL with the title Development of a framework to foster collaborative learning among engineering students using Moodle Mobile App”
  • Co-supervisor: MPhil student, Registered with The Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, OUSL with the title An Intelligent Dynamic Controller for a Four Wheel Drive (4-WD) Electric Rover”
  • Main-supervisor: PhD awarded in 2018, for the thesis tditle A Statistical Inference System for Commonsense Knowledge Modeling” 
  • Internal-supervisor: PhD awarded in 2009 for the thesis titled “A Qualitative Approach to Learning of Spatial and Temporal Relations for Cognitive Computer Vision Systems”
  • Have been supervising undergraduate Final Year Project students (both individual and group projects) since 1998 in the areas of Expert systems, Neural networks, Agent Technology, and data mining.
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