For The Faculty

What Can the ILC Do for You?

Partnerships with the industry will directly impact the university’s research agenda as well as its educational programs. Through increased awareness of industry’s technological advances, challenges, and future directions, FET can better align its research and educational programs with the current industry needs.

The ILC will help you connect with the industry by:

      • Facilitating strategic collaborations with companies looking for your specific area of expertise
      • Identifying learning experiences and internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities for students
      • Introducing you to key industry leaders in your targeted research area and helping you gain access to industry facilities and personnel
      • Working with Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer to move your intellectual property toward commercialization
      • Promoting the university’s vast research potential and technological advances to the industry
      • Enhancing multidisciplinary research initiatives on campus by connecting you with other researchers performing work in your specific area of expertise

What can you do for the ILC?

      • Keep the ILC informed about your research as you develop technologies that are innovative and serve the nation
      • Inform the ILC about any ongoing industry collaborations that you are currently involved in
      • Alert the ILC to any potential new collaborations that you are interested in pursuing
      • Add the ILC to your meeting agendas so that the faculty, staff, students, and potential business collaborators can learn more about the assistance we provide
      • Tell us what we are doing right and let us know how we can improve our services

For The Industry

What can the ILC do for you?

The ILC understands innovation is vital to any organization’s growth and expansion. Linking the university’s immense assets to the needs of the industry can result in new ideas for products, improved processes, and an expansion of services offered.

The ILC will help you gain access to:

      • highly academic research findings with the industry
      • Training and continuing education programs for the workforce
      • Novel ideas, emerging technologies, and ground-breaking research developed by the faculty
      • Joint research facilities with the industry and academia
      • State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation
      • Motivated, qualified students looking for internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities
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